Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Teases: The Return of Opie, Wendy?

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It would have been too easy.

That was Kurt Sutter's response yesterday during a conference call with reporters, when asked why he chose to keep Clay alive on the season four finale of Sons of Anarchy.

"We get to play that out now with Jax and Clay, and I think that's great turf for potent storytelling," the creator said. "I want to see what that looks like for a season or two."

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Aside from extreme tension between past and current SAMCRO Presidents, what can viewers expect from the intense series on season five? Sutter offered the following teases:

Will Opie return? "I think it’s all just sort of catching up with Opie and he’s not a guy who processes things quickly. It will take a minute for him to get back to that table, if he does get back and that’s something we get to play off next season."

What about Wendy? "I like the character very much... I just think she will be, in a very general way, very interesting to throw into the mix with Gemma and Tara next season."

Is Tara the new Gemma? Not totally: "It'll be an interesting season between the two of them... [Gemma] has ultimately created a little bit of a Frankenstein... I don't think Gemma will be usurped... Tara is not Gemma. She's not there yet. Next season, not that I'm going to take a step back, and bring her back the wavering Tara that she's been to a certain extent, but I think she will have her struggles in that role."

What will the tone of season five be? "My sense for next season is that it will be a slower boil. This season, everyone was sort of out of breath at the end of every episode, and my sense is that next season that won’t be the case."


I spent this last weekend of watching Sons Of Anarchy from 1-4, with my grandson. What a marathon I think we ate 2 proper meals in 3 days. Right from the start I had a dislike for Clay iffy on Gemma, but love Jax and the rest of them I can't wait for Season 5, I heard it would be out in May is that right.
Can we expect a few more Series to follow on.
Dorothy. Australia


my husband and i love Sons of Anarchy we cant stop watching them. when we started to watch seaon 1 we would watch like 4 to 5 eposides at onces..... then get so exicted to watch the rest..... jax is one of our favortes and Opie...... so waiting for season 5.........


I love this show katey s plays gemma to a T and it is addicting i have 1-3 seasons on blueray and cant wait to get season 4 love it ...:))))


This show is like a drug. Once you take it in you need it forever. All im sayin is. Me and my wife loves this show. Got all the seasons on blueray. Can't wait til next season. Max my dude.. S.O.A for life..


this show is so great cant wait till season 5 and they should have Steven Seagal as one of the sheriff on the show what you think ???


Sons Of Anarchy is such a refreshing change from all the politically correct shows about men getting in touch with their feminine side. Even though the show deals with subject matter outside the law, these characters do what need doing without asking permission from their wives. America was a warrior society. Now we're so pussied down that it's hard for those of us who remember when America was strong to find anything to feel good about. After each episode of SOA I remember how real men act and can almost believe that someday men will be free to be men again.


@ god of the USA Hells angle (comment on page 1), what in the world are you going on about man? Looks like you need help. And while you are at it, google the difference between fiction (SOA tv show) and non-fiction (real biker gangs). Obviously Sutter is going to base most of it off his experiences but it is still F.I.C.T.I.O.N. On a lighter note, totally psyched that the new season in going to be out as soon as september!!


if my nails wasnt solar id be biting them til season 5 starts.. love the show.. my husband Greg and i never miss an episode. we are totally addicted.


Kurts Sutter's USA hells angels fetish will be the Down fall of Sons of Anarchy.
The World has seen the USA Hells angels curtsy before Mike Yevtuck The God of the USA hells angels. Kurt Sutter is such a Cunt Kurt Sutter will not even acknowledge the true God of the USA hells angels exist. Kurt Sutter is not man enough to thank God for standing up with him against the USA hells angels.
Kurt Sutter is still pushing an old leather boy like chuck zito as a real life tough guy.
Kurt Sutter may be the only person in the world that still thinks Chuck Zito ever was tough or maybe it just fits Kurt Sutter USA hells angels fetish. Everyone else Saw through that Bullshit before OZ.
Is Kurt Sutter just a USA Hells angels Groupie man Cunt? Sure seems like it.
Just saying what I think about these USA Hells angels and the men that date and support them.


this is amazing cant wait to see season 5 as all the club i am in watch it and they love it i dont really watch tv but it got me addicted

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