Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Teases: The Return of Opie, Wendy?

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It would have been too easy.

That was Kurt Sutter's response yesterday during a conference call with reporters, when asked why he chose to keep Clay alive on the season four finale of Sons of Anarchy.

"We get to play that out now with Jax and Clay, and I think that's great turf for potent storytelling," the creator said. "I want to see what that looks like for a season or two."

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Aside from extreme tension between past and current SAMCRO Presidents, what can viewers expect from the intense series on season five? Sutter offered the following teases:

Will Opie return? "I think it’s all just sort of catching up with Opie and he’s not a guy who processes things quickly. It will take a minute for him to get back to that table, if he does get back and that’s something we get to play off next season."

What about Wendy? "I like the character very much... I just think she will be, in a very general way, very interesting to throw into the mix with Gemma and Tara next season."

Is Tara the new Gemma? Not totally: "It'll be an interesting season between the two of them... [Gemma] has ultimately created a little bit of a Frankenstein... I don't think Gemma will be usurped... Tara is not Gemma. She's not there yet. Next season, not that I'm going to take a step back, and bring her back the wavering Tara that she's been to a certain extent, but I think she will have her struggles in that role."

What will the tone of season five be? "My sense for next season is that it will be a slower boil. This season, everyone was sort of out of breath at the end of every episode, and my sense is that next season that won’t be the case."


well all 4 seasons were great... continous developement of charcters and club only missing more real club biker action, like corsos and drive bys, bikker meetings and some real hard street action with cool chases or so...
all the rest i realy liked so far. jax mutating from grungy kurt cobain to modern popstar justin timberlake was alittle bit funny and to see it a tich of comercial interrest here, but thats ok for sure the girls liked that :)
last for episodes you could have been a little scared to ask jax whats the time...he might have said: im so sorry.
at least he could have said: im so sorry ...its my only line....hehehe. season 5 definatly will bring back his speach i hope.
clay (perlman) is a great actor (i liked this guy in all his movies he made) well well till fall 2012 ? cant least more or less all the actors are cool... especialy the babes of luanns pornshow... i confess i liked them most. dont we all guys ?


I love "Sons"! I have Dvd of seasons 1-3 and keep watching them over and over and season 4 I've recorded. Wear my shirts proudly! Can't wait till next season.


Gemma needs to die a slow painful death. She doesn't deserve to be around and I feel she's a real weak person. I am excited to see how jax and Tara fair though.


The show is awesome the best serious type series FX put out when Rescue Me was on its way out I just hope season 5 and beyond are going to be as awesome as season 4 was cant wait to see when Jax or Opie actually kills Clay he really deserves it they should both unload a full clip in him


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I love this show I hate when it ends for the season.


This show freake KICKS major a** started watching it on Netflix just a week ago and literally watched up to season 3 amost back to back in two days and thank god for iTunes store I downloaded season 4.. Can't wait for season 5 great job to the cast and crew of SOA keep it up!


Show fucking kicks ass


awesome show, love in Aus, the characters are pretty much true to form, well done! can't wait for season 5
loved the cameo that sonny did!
sons rock!

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