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Last night Rachel Crow clearly out sang Marcus Canty. I should not have had to come to a dead lock. Paula as well as Nicole had to stand to their feet through out Rachel's performance. Nicole should have been true to herself however, Marcus will be leaving next week without a doubt. He is not in the league with the others.


We have to remember that it is not to a singing contest. The show is in quest of a recording artist. Ask yourself which person is most marketable…. Which one can you see doing a commercial? That’s who they’re looking for. If they were looking for a good singer they got rid of most of them already! I would like to see Chris Renee because of his story and his writings or Astro because he’s just too cool to be the next recording artist and neither of them can sing very well. I do miss Astro (wish he was still in the competition)…. Good luck to the remaining contestants!


I never thought much off Rachel nor do I think much off Marcus or Melanie for that matter there music just doesn't really appeal to me there just like many other artists before them. After watching Rachels' reaction last night I think the right person did go she clearly wasn't as prepared to go as they all should be they have to be prepared knock backs only one person can win & she done well just to make it that far.

I've only been watching American X Factor for CHRIS RENE


Won't watch this show again, unfair, judgemental, needs at least two judges replaced. Love Idol dislike XFactor.


OMG! What a fixed show! How obvious it was and how stupidly it was played out! 10 seasons of american idol and now experiencing the X factor Please! Marcus SUCKS! how can you market marcus when he is just like the other zillion black male singers all the same age and the same boring package,he is NO Usher and cant sing worth a crap. How can you be in the bottom 2 the last 3 shows and survive that again ! Obviously Nicole KNEW or she would not have done that , tell me they dont know what america voted? as for being the bad guy, her ego would never let her be too damaged, and as far as not being the bad guy, she sunk her azz right in the bad guy seat ! Rachel was awesome,she deserved to stay there another week,I never knew what they ever saw in Marcus and all the others just like him, hes not even attractive,I keep trying to figure out any kinda angle with him and I simply dont get it , he should of gone along time ago! Pathetic Nicole deserved to get booed for being well such a Pussycat,Im sick of all the fighting just for ratings!


I love Rachel crow, she didn't deserve to go home, I'm so angry at nichole, she should have sent Marcus home


Yeah the fact of the matter is that America voted to send Rachel home. We all should not be hating on Nicole as much as we are, because in the end, Marcus was the one that the majority of people wanted to stay. The only reason I will come down on Nicole is because it was obvious that she thought Rachel was better. She thought Rachel was better and should have stayed, and just didn't want to be the one to send Marcus home, so she left it up to America. In this case it worked out for her, because America sided with her decision, but the point is that she didn't know that. In that situation, you have to go with the person you think should stay. Don't leave it up to America just because you don't want to be the bad guy.



Nicole made this personal. She doesn't get along with Simon, so she didnT vote. Rachel was far more better than Marcus and Josh. If Nicole and Paula can't vote to send someone home, then they don't belong there.


If the rumors are true then Rachel won't be hurting after last nights debacle.

LA Reed.... UGH some of the stuff that comes out of that man's mouth.

Nicole.... Really? I love you Rachel and you deserve one more week but Marcus is so cute and he sings just to me..... So I'm gonna have to throw you under the bus but aren't I a beautiful crier while I do it?

Seriously will not watch another season of this. I haven't been able to really get behind any of the contestants. I'm so annoyed with the judges constant snide little attacks on each other. The format makes certain they have their favorites and will never vote against them. And I wonder if sometimes the judges aren't trying to sabotage one act in favor of one of the others.


Rachel was 100% better than Marcus. He should have went home. But Nicole being the cry baby she is,could not vote. If she can't get with the program she needs to be replaced.

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