The X Factor Top 5 Review: Mesmerizing Melanie

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Just in case anyone was wondering, everyone faced the music yet again on The X Factor this week. The Final Five performed two songs, one dance hit and another chosen by the contestants.

How contrived was it the "they have one day to practice this song" bit, though? After the Pepsi songs didn't come through, they were given 24 hours to prepare another track? If it's their "Save Me" song, everyone but Marcus Canty should have it in the holster ready to go. 

Although the Chevy commercials in between the live performances were much, much better, let's still take a look at how the contestants did...

The X Factor Top 5

Melanie Amaro "Someone Like You" - Why would you waste such an epic song like this by turning into a dance beat for this week's theme? She was good, but it could have been a lot better.
My Score: 7/10

Marcus Canty "Ain't Nobody" - This took me back to the 80s and that's not a good thing. He did the song justice, but it did not feel organic whatsoever. Simon said that Melanie's wasn't karaoke. But his was.
My Score: 6/10

Rachel Crow "Nothin' on You" - Rachel chose her own song, and once again she chose correctly. This was a perfect upbeat performance, and her charm really puts her over the top. Other than L.A.'s slightly homophobic comment, it was all smiles.
My Score: 7/10

Josh Krajcik "We Found Love" - This really wasn't in Josh's wheelhouse, but he pulled it off the best he could. He gave the record new life, and I enjoyed it.
My Score: 6/10

Chris Rene "Live Your Life" - The dude just does it for me. Even though he was a bit overpowered by the backing track and singers during the hook, he absolutely murdered the verses, which was enough for me.
My Score: 8/10

Round One goes to Chris Rene.

Melanie Amaro "When You Believe" - She can take on any of the big divas whenever she wants. She never misses a note and has the power to back up her decisions. This was one of if not her best performance of the season.
My Score: 10/10

Melanie Amaro Top 5

Marcus Canty "A Song For You" - His range is fantastic, which was showcased here, but this performance was a bit boring. Paula was right in that he's a great story teller, but so was Simon in that no one should be jumping out of their chair.
My Score: 7/10

Rachel Crow "Music & Me" - Her lower register sounded downright awful through the first half of the song, which threw me through a bit of a loop. Luckily she lost the low parts midway through and killed the ending of it.
My Score: 8/10

Josh Krajcik "Something" - His faces in this performance were worth the price of admission. As far as the vocal, unlike what L.A. said, this was anything but karaoke. It sounded nothing like the original, and it was incredibly powerful.
My Score: 9/10

Chris Rene "Where Do We Go From Here?" - It was great to see the original song, and he sounded fantastic, but am I the only one who realized he only had about three different lines in a two minute song? There were way too many "yeah yeahs" and repeated phrases to call that a stroke of genius.
My Score: 8/10

Round Two goes to Melanie Amaro.

We are down to the nitty-gritty, as one more will go home tomorrow before next week's semifinals. I've seen too many of these shows to think that Marcus isn't the leading candidate to go home tomorrow after being in the bottom on a number of occasions already. I think either Josh or Rachel will join him there.

What do you all think, TV Fanatics? Who was the best of the night? And who will leave the stage tomorrow?  


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Chris and Astro the only two who have the X Factor....Chris is Mr X Factor..
He is a special creation....Beautiful honest pure and genuine not to mention talented... Chris Rene...Or Melanie,i hope


It will come down to Chris and Melanie and America will vote for Chris..Melanie is casting herself as too much a foreigner. She needs to get off this new accent thing and go back to the young lady we first met who spoke with clarity as oppose to this deep Caribbean accent that nobody can understand..
Josh is getting boring ,Marcus is the Teflon man( God is with him)he does not deserve some of the hating he had received these past weeks towards him...He might just surprise y all..


Melanie can not lose! Whomever is against her in the final two will not get the winning votes from the judges, who in the end declare the winner unless it's a deadlock. The judges have said over and over again that she has an incredible voice, probably the best of all the contestants. If it's Josh vs. Melanie, Josh will not get the votes from the judges. If it's Chris vs. Melanie, the same holds true. Next week Marcus will go. The only way Melanie could go is if for some strange reason she gets the lowest number of votes from the voters in two weeks. That would make it a Josh vs. Chris finale. How unlikely is that?


Marcus needs to go. Melanie is awesome.


I think Josh is the winner! No other voices come close.


@Jenny that's rather strange, because there seems to be some tension in what you're saying. you're saying that Kelly Clarkson is a great singer (i assume it's implied from your statement, unless you want to say that Kelly and Carrie are terrible singers), yet you say that "we don't need another Kelly Clarkson". rather odd, don't you find it? if you're talking about the fact that there are already too many Kelly Clarksons/Whitney Houstons/Mariah Careys in the industry, here's the truth: NO THERE ISN'T. There's been a shift in the industry towards pop punk music like Gaga and what-have-you, the group of people who had excellent vocals are become vanishingly minute. and even then, there's always room for more, because there are always going to be this huge group of people who want to listen to the pure sound of the most powerful and beautiful instrument on earth - the human voice. so no, either way, your analysis is false. here's my opinions and rankings of this week's performance:
1. Melanie Amaro - I thought her take on Adele was brilliant, her trying to make it sound like a club song and all. And she obviously blew everyone out of the competition with Whitney/Mariah, since she's known for her "bloody fantastic" vocals, to borrow from Simon. Hands down, she's gonna win it, tis all I can say now. 2. Marcus Canty - After a few bad weeks, this week really knocked a bit out of me. It was just that - wow. I used to like him earlier on in the competition - he was one of my "big contenders" for the win, after Melanie - but then he lost out very badly in the first few live shows. Seems he's making a comeback. Wonder if America's with me, though. 3. Rachel Crow - Who can't like her, seriously? But I think she's starting to feel the pressure, being the last kid standing - trust me, it ain't easy. I must say, her first performance was brilliant, her second performance was average, but it certainly was good enough for me. 4. Chris Rene - I put him here because I didn't like the first performance, but the second song was definitely enough to keep him in the competition. 5. Josh Krajcik - Ouch. After a few weeks of domination, he seems to have just faltered and died out. It's probably just the stupid themes that's killing him, but whether he'll last long enough to survive this stupid theme thing is something we'll have to wait and see.


Ah Melanie will win or come in second. B*tch can sing and its still a SINGING comp nothin else. Kelly C is one of the biggest stars of Idol, this second rate show should be so lucky. Chris or M for me. Lil Poppin Thug needs to get his booty of the stage and Rachel needs to give it a few years.

Terrie lynn mcdonald coleman

@Jenny While Kelly Clarkson has been successful in her own right, Carrie Underwood is the most successful out of all the American Idol winners. And
The XFactor isn't American Idol ......thank God for that. On topic:
I think it's going to come down to Josh and Melanie in the final two.
I like what she did with Adele's song. Not all the contestants can be
like Chris Rene and write their own songs and I don't think anyone should
hold that against any of the contestants. Marcus is good but to me he just doesn't have the "It" factor. I think Rachel is WAYYYYY to young to be on the show(I thought the same of Drew), however, she seems to be handling it well so far. I just wish she'd let them do something with that hair! Let them straighten it Rachel!!!!!!!! Chris Rene can sing and rap, but to me he seems to be lacking something that I just can't put my finger on...... If I had to chose right now I'd say Melanie is going to be the winner of this..........


@JennyT Exactly why don't we want another Kelly Clarkson? If I remember correctly, of all the Idol winners, she's the one who's been the most successful out of them all, until recently when Carrie Underwood took that title. So, if the X Factor can find a "Kelly Clarkson" out of Melanie, then they've reached success. Besides, Kelly Clarkson is amazing so I don't know what you're talking about. The point at where the show is now, there are three front runners: Melanie, Josh, and Rachel in that order. However, Chris Renee singing his original song was really good last night, even if it did lack some different lines.


Dan Forcella needs to listen to "Believe" again. Melanie could not hit a low note 2 times and could not raise the voice to the level of Mariah Carey. Her voice is just as usual, so so. Melanie is overrated just because she has Simon backs her up. We do not want another Kelly Clarkson.

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