The X Factor Review: The Jackson 7

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You guessed it. We faced the music once again on The X Factor, as the remaining seven finalists performed tracks from the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

After we said hello to Michael's brothers Marlon, Tito, and Jackie of the Jackson 5, Michael's mother and children were introduced before any of The X Factor's contestants were brought out on stage. Intermittently asking the Jackson family about their thoughts on the show proved one thing: Prince Jackson is all about the limelight. He and Paris didn't let Blanket say one word.

Let's get to the performances, shall we?

Josh Krajcik Top 7

Josh Krajcik "Dirty Diana" - The sound mix was off again. I couldn't really hear anything he was saying. I didn't like how very talky Josh was throughout this. The backup singers then came in and over powered him completely. Then there was the fact that he had the guitar on his back for the first 2/3 of the performance. He finally broke out the axe for a solo where he yelled "come on!" a bunch of times. This was definitely not his best effort.
My Score: 5/10

Astro "Black or White" - He's a great lyricist and can spit extremely well for a kid. He even improved on his stage presence a bit during the "It don't matter" parts, but it was never more clear that he raps the same way every time. The rhythm of his rapping didn't fit with the song at all at the beginning. Luckily, they completely scrapped "Black or White" midway through the performance, and his rhymes matched with their newly created melody much better towards the end.
My Score: 7/10

Drew "Billie Jean" (below) - This was a huge improvement over last week. Stripping down the song, accentuating her vocal abilities, and giving her unique tone a platform was a perfect way to allow Drew to succeed. The only downfall here is that David Cook did the same thing to "Billie Jean" a few years ago on Idol, so she loses some of the originality points.
My Score: 9/10

Rachel Crow "Can You Feel It" - She has the attitude and the powerful voice, but she continues to have these weeks where she doesn't connect at all. I realized once again this week that she is a great performer, but Rachel doesn't always put forth great performances. This was one of those subpar outings. She's been fantastic on all of her ballads, but it's almost that she just doesn't know how to get the same excellence out of upbeat numbers.
My Score: 6/10

Marcus Canty "PYT" - Let us not take for granted how difficult it is to run around stage, dance up a storm, keep your breath, and still hit all of the notes. Many a singing show contestant has failed to meet all of those requirements before, so as much as Simon wants to talk about phantom vocal mishaps we should all praise Marcus for his efforts. This was right up his alley, as he proved to be the only contestant that looks comfortable in the big produced numbers. If anyone else has a bunch of dancers on stage, it's overproduced. With Marcus it looks normal. He can be a pop star.
My Score: 8/10

Chris Rene "I'll Be There" - I am a complete sucker for the raspy tone in his voice. When he broke it down after his rap, I dug it. He definitely missed a couple of the big notes, but the dude's swag is just dripping from him, so he gets a bit of a pass. I mean... did you see that bedazzled letter jacket? He just has something that makes it all work.
My Score: 7/10

Melanie Amaro "Earth Song" - She just has a really good voice and there's nothing anyone can do about it. It is so mature and rich, which she showcased very well here. The only issue I have with Melanie is that the sound isn't nearly as unique as someone like Drew. Her tone isn't all the interesting to me.
My Score: 8/10

It was a pretty solid night of music overall. It was also good for some laughs, especially the fact that Steve Jones thinks "LOL" stands for "lots of laughs." Come on, Steve! You're better than that! What does "WTF" stand for?  Why the face?"

Although I thought Josh was the worst of the night, I'm predicting a bottom three of Astro, Marcus Canty and the surprise: Rachel Crow. Who do you think was the best of the night? And who do you expect to go home on Thursday?


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No doubt about it, Melanie Amaro would win the competition. She has a very nice voice. Next in line is Rachel Crowe and that's it. Those of the only 2 have an excellent voice.


You people have got to be kidding me! Marcus cannot sing his pitch is way off and overall he just plain sucks. Recording artists are known for their originality and likeability the crowd loves Drew after her song they were chanting her name, and what did Marcus get? He got some polite applause and cheers. The only reason Drew got voted off by Nicole is because she knows Drew has talent and is threatened by the fact that Drew isn't even famous yet and she has fans. Paula on the other hand is just plain stupid and wouldn't know talent if it slapped her in the face.


What has happened to this show?! It is NO longer about the contestants, it is all about the egos of the judges. Simon has completely stopped being objective and tries to influence the voting with his biased comments about all of the contestants other than his own. LA was doing the same with the girls for weeks trying to make sure he bested Simon. Simon picks on Nicole unmercifully which by default damages the efforts of her contestants. I am done with this show, I will watch the other talent competitions where it is about the contestants and not the judges!!




@Angela Billie Jean is actually MJ's biggest hit after Thriller and is a number 1 hit, Also Dirty Diana, Black or White and PYT are also MJ's #1 hits. I am bit peeved at no selections from Off the Wall or the Invincible album.


Why is Drew still on? Much more talented people have left. Drew would be fine with a little training but I see no PERSONALITY and NO CONNECTION with the audience. She does need to try something more uptempo. Simon needs to get her out of The Joplin groove. That worked in the "70's" but why not try something new?


Melanie ruined it for me with her "�'m Melanie; this is me" scene which was a thinly disguised ploy to thwart any attempt by LA Reid to critique her act by transferring the audience's attention to her and away from the judging. She came across as self-centred and inconsiderate.


Drew was horrible. It was hard to watch the first few seconds, her vocals picked up toward teh middle and end, but come on a 9/10, no way. I'm starting to think she doesn't do up tempos because it would be a complete train wreck and Simon knows it.


Astro pisses the hell out of me. I think it is okay, once in a while, to do your own lyrics in parts of a song. Doing it week after week, completely changing the meaning of some of the best songs ever, I think it might means 2 things: either they're hiding his lack of musically by letting him sings his own verses (he always has the same damn rhythm every time he raps. not very original) or he's so full of himself that he doesn't want to sing others songs.
Drew rocked my world once again, Marcus is gold and Melanie is predictable (but very talented, nonetheless)


Drew's performance was good? You're kidding me! She couldn't sing and was off key for almost the entire song. She had more pauses more than when she speaks. Drew's performance was the weakest. Next, is Chris Rene's. Melanie was not impressive as she did the same damn style over and over. She was off-keyed too if you listen closely. Plus, I could barely hear what she was singing with the background music so loud. Overall, this was a really bad theme. None of the contestants did well. Though, I did like Josh's guitar playing. What a disappointment.

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