TV Ratings Report: Take That, Kardashians!

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Television viewers sent a message to Barbara Walters and ABC last night: nothing about the Kardashians is fascinating, as this host's annual end-of-the-year special saw ratings plummet from a year ago, dropping 30%...


8 p.m.
Survivor: 10.7 million viewers
The X Factor: 10.3 million
The Middle rerun: 6.2 million/Suburgatory rerun: 5.2 million
Up All Night rerun: 3.7 million/Whitney rerun: 3.3 million
America's Next Top Model rerun: 1.3 million

9 p.m.
Criminal Minds: 12.7 million
The X Factor: 11.4 million/I Hate My Teenage Daughter: 5.25 million
Modern Family rerun: 6.6 million/Barbara Walters Presents the 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011: 8.1 million
Harry's Law rerun: 4.3 million
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show rerun: 1.6 million

10 p.m.
CSI: 12.1 million
Barbara Walters Presents the 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011: 8.45 million
Law & Order: SVU rerun: 4.4 million

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Welcome to the club! I don’t think I will get my first mioliln in 8-10 years from now but I am a few years younger than you . Great blog though, mind if I put if on my blog roll?


Frijoles steiaranls! The latin… Sorry, I mean the young urban demographic is getting hot, you know?


Seriously. The KarTRASHians are past their 15. NEXT?!!


Barbara Walters is so out of touch with popular culture it hurts. If you look at her list it proves she really shouldn't be allowed to make the choice of the years most fascinating people.


So I'm not the only one turned off by those scumbags. B*tch got famous for doing a sex tape and getting implants and lipi and can't even move her face. Hopefully their extended 15 minutes are almost over


Barbara Walters' special was a big letdown for me. The top 3 people werent even interviewed! For Amanda Knox she just recapped everything we already know and for Pippa Middleton she just showed a bunch of tabloid photos about her outifts, why does that make her fascinating?! And number 1 spot should have went to Casey Anthony, i dont like her obvioulsy but she is without a doubt the most fascinating person this year.