2 Broke Girls Creator Clashes with Reporters Over Sitcom Tone, Humor

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2 Broke Girls is one of the most popular new shows on television, averaging over 13 million viewers per week.

But most of those in the Television Critics Association aren't among the CBS sitcom's supporters, as a handful of reporters clashed this afternoon with creator Michael Patrick King during the show's panel awkward, tense session.

2 Broke Girls Crew

The main points of contention centered on the reliance of low brow humor, often stemming from stereotypical jokes aimed at (or by) Oleg and Han.

King insisted the series aims to "take everybody down," adding that the ethnic characterizations are "broad and brash and very current" and giving the odd defense that "every character when its born is a stereotype."

At one point he got into it with Tim Molloy from The Wrap and, I guess, tried to prove how his show's preferred style of jokes can work in any setting, implying that Molloy’s Irish heritage is the source of sexual problems.

“The show is sophisticated and naughty and I think everyone likes a good naughty joke,” King said. “I feel no need to pull away from the brand of 2 Broke Girls, which is basically ballsy, in your face and hopefully funny.”

Do you agree? Do you think the jokes on 2 Broke Girls are overly low brow?

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No need for personal insults.


People who don't like the show obviously have no sense of humor! Its sarcastic humor, much of the time feeding off of stereotypes but that's what makes it funny. Don't change a thing!!!


i absolutely love this show!! leave it the way it is because I, along with 13 million other fans love it


Its unoriginal and nobody can act. Its rarely funny and if it were about dudes nobody would watch and it would be canceled. This show is nothing but 30 minutes of lame high school jokes.


Correction to comment below: don't change the show because of sissies who CAN'T take a joke!


Seriously!? Some people need to get a life! It's real life bcuz everyone and I do mean everyone says the things every effin day. I'm Mexican and I totally laughed about the painted on eyebrows! People nowadays wanna cry and moan about every joke. It's life. Face it!!! I don't have my eyebrows painted on but did I laugh... HELL YES!! Because I've seen it for myself and it's hilarious. Please don't change this show because of sissies who can take a joke!

Childish gambino

I have no problem with raunchy, crass, and/or stereotypical jokes. BUT this show just isnt funny. All they do is string together a bunch of cheap hack-like "could see the over-used punchline from a mile away " bits together with something that barely resembles a storyline and let it run wild for 30 min. The acting is bad, the story is bad, the only saving grace is that the two girls have "some" chemistry (though, imho NO WHERE NEAR the amount some ppl credit them with, i think ppl simply exemplify this trait b/c the show pretty much has nothing else) Take The league for example, They do raunchy and crass material all the time, but the big difference is that The league is ACTUALLY FUNNY


I really like this show! Don't change it. Leave it alone. Don't try to "water it down". The cast's timing is sharp and sometimes you don't even realize the zinger until a second or two later, and then you're like "Whoa! I can't believe she /(or sometimes he) said that!!" I look forward to this show every week. It has replaced long-standing favorites as the one show I HAVE to see each week. :)


I love this show! There are worse things on TV. Leave this show al
one. If you don't like it, watch something else!


This show is so f*cking racist. Ugh. and seriously, the I-am-a-white-gay-guy-therefore-I-can-make-fun-of-other-minorities excuse? UGH. eff you.

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