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Coming Soon: The Nine Lives of Chloe King... The Movie?!?

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Potentially amazing news, fans of The Nine Lives of Chloe King: ABC Family has not ruled out bringing the drama back... in movie form!

At today's Television Critics Association winter press session, network president Michael Riley said he tries to take a "long-term view" of all shows," adding that Chloe King - a TV Fanatic favorite - was an "amazing" series that may yet be resuscitated.

Chloe King Pic

We "are on the verge of putting a movie into development," Riley said of a film version of the show. "We always look at the intellectual property that we're capitalizing on and making sure there's opportunities for even more storytelling."

Notice to careful phrasing of Riley and it's clear a Chloe King movie is still a long ways from production. But the possibility does exist, which is more than we could say 30 minutes ago.

Would you go see a Chloe King movie?

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That's the problem. Channels like ABC Family does not care about the fans, with just the fucking money they will earn. And give the audience that the last episode was a drug? Damn, the show is perfect, original and the actors are great. WANT A SECOND SEASON TNLCK


Nine lives oh chloe king was the best show i ever watched in my life now i really never watch abc family because they took it off please bring it back thats so dumb that ya'll would take it away can't u see all the fans that love this show please bring this show back in a movie or as a episode either way just please give us the nine lives of chloe king back plzzzz!!!!


well good bye abc family i would never watch a tv station that would cancell such a good show after only 10 episode and leaveing it the way it did you guys are horrible to do that to the fans this was obvously a lved show look at some of the comments on this page you guys screwed up big time and who ever made the decion to cancell this show should be fired and the show reinstated as well as a movie made


Please bring The Nine Lives of Chloe King back you just cant end it like that that was the only thing I really watched on ABC Family I love that show so much and you just canceled it when it just only had 1 season that's messed up. That was a great show with all those people Skyler Benjamin Grace and everybody at least make a movie though PLEASE


I agree that a movie will do , because how on earth!? Brian dead! He and Cloe makes the Nine Lives of Cloe. He cant die, he just cant . And watching season 2 would just not be xciting anymore. Cloe love is Brian nd taking him out the picture is jst sad. So i prefer the movie , with a gooooood ending please.


I will probably never watch another show on the network that hosted this show. There is so much crap on tv today. To find a show as good as this one is rare. It makes no sense to cancel something of this quality. I guess they would rather transmit some reality show for the trailer park crowd. Goodby ABC Familey.


This show gets as many ratings as The Lying Game does... It's not fair that it was cancelled, not to mention the way it ended -___-. i'm dying to know what happens next.. Bring the show back, it can only get more viewers from there.


i need to see chole king.its a good show!when are yall going to put it back on.pppppllllllzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bring the serie back..............
No ends now.................


And no offense but why would abc cancell it it's a great show and as you can see everyone loves it so the least you can do is bring
he show back and help it sadness be healed :p please