Extended Hart of Dixie Promo Asks: Wade or George?

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Team Wade or Team George? It's a question we've asked many times at TV Fanatic and it's one The CW clearly wants Hart of Dixie fans to ponder.

In a new extended promo for this show's January 23 return, the network gives members of both teams reason to cheer. We see Zoe making eyes at (shirtless!) Wade. We George telling Lemon he has doubts about their relationship.

We listen as Taylor Swift's "Sparks Fly" plays in the background and we look forward to the first new episode of 2012, "Hell's Belles." Check out the video now and choose your Zoe Hart love interest!

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Always george


wade, I agree with all the wade fans, he challenges her, a leading lady needs a hero like Wade, George is not hero material!


Zoe must, MUST end up with Wade. If she doesn't I will kill someone. George is nice and all but he belongs with Lemon. Three reasons why:
one: they argue a lot (like Ron and Hermione argue and you know they HAVE to end up together)
two: Wade has always been there, even while Zoe was chasing the rich popular guys
three: God, how could they NOT end up together? they're so CUTE! PS:
and if anyone from the CW is reading this: do NOT NOT NOT NOT please do not end George and Lemon. PLEASE. Please please please please... and you're probably thinking about putting in a twist with Zoe and George: REALLY? they were JUST about to get married(Lemon and George) and Zoe and Wade just hooked up or whatever and I know you have to keep the story interesting but REALLY?


Wade or George? George:
He behaves inappropriately for an engaged man, flirting and lying to his partner and Zoe deserves better than that. He might be able to teach Zoe about being part of the community but that is it, as he will not challenge her and her “calculated risk� mental attitude. He on the other hand challenges Lemon and keeps her grounded. Wade:
Do not underestimate what character Wade has to offer, he may be acting as the towns bad boy but he is hiding behind a protective wall to avoid getting hurt but he is kind, honourable, will do anything for the people he cares for and with the right girl he will come out of his protective shield.
He has a past that has burned him and that keeps him from being open about his real feelings and his persona. Hiding behind this bad boy act allows him to keep everyone at arms length and not get to involved.


There is a formula to a show like this, obstacle will present it self so Wade can't get the girl, not just yet, and the guy that looks good on paper, like George and Judson, will show up and in the end that will show Zoey where she really belongs, with Wade. George seems right for Zoe but as she becomes more part of the town Wade is the one that will make her happy. The odds may be against Wade and Zoe in theory but that is what will make it more rewarding when they finally end up together.
Zoe seems to share with Wade 'the now' of her personality not so much the 'what was' of her as she seems to do with George. She is changing so 'what was' is slowly vanishing for the person she is becoming.
Wade is without a doubt perfect for her, he challenges her and gets her to step outside her comfort zone and brings out the fun side of her. He affects her passionate side and the side of her that wants to live life to the fullest.




Minute 1:47 says it all.. Wade, Wade, Wade. No comparison! ;)


Wade!!! George is more a friend :)


Definitely WADE


WADE all the way

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