New Touch Trailer: What Does 318 Mean?

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Fox will air a special preview of the new mysterious drama Touch on January 25.

But it's a wonder the network isn't waiting until March 18, based on the following new trailer.

Starring Kiefer Sutherland as the father of a boy who "sees everything," as the character played by Danny Glover says in awe below, the series will apparently focus heavily on the number 318. At least according to this teaser. See what we mean now:

** Note: I've seen the premiere of Touch and it's fantastic. Return to TV Fanatic in the near future for an advanced review of the pilot.

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Dax carlisle

The season premier is actually March 19th ...or 319. They comment above about the heavy use of the # 318 in the pilot and why didn't they launch on 318. They did a special preview of Touch on January 25th, but the next episode is on 319 - 3/19/2012, makes sense...


Every site i look at about TV or the movies seems to have everything except what we need. All I want to know is when the next episode of Touch will air on TV. There never seems to be the use of dates.

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