People's Choice Awards Winners: Castle, Supernatural and More!

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With Kaley Cuoco taking on hosting duties, the 2012 People's Choice Awards had an especially television-y feel.

So, which stars and shows took home the hardware votes on by fans? Read on for a list of winners from small screen categories...

Nina Dobrev Wins!
Lea Michele Wins!

Favorite Network TV Drama:

Favorite TV Comedy Actress:
Lea Michele, Glee

Favorite TV Comedy Actor:
Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother

Favorite TV Crime Drama:

Favorite Cable Drama:
Pretty Little Liars

Favorite TV Drama Actor:
Nathan Fillion

Favorite TV Drama Actress:
Nina Dobrev, The Vampire Diaries

Favorite SciFi Show:

Favorite Network TV Comedy:
How I Met Your Mother

Favorite New TV Drama:
Person Of Interest

Favorite New TV Comedy:
Two Broke Girls

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I heard supernatural won and looked for them on youtube. Then I found out they weren't even invited to the show. I thought this was the people's choice. What the! #$? Not surprised people don't watch this award show. So u only get shown if u r an actor from CBS? Just confirms why I don't watch CBS. Besides the fact that their comedies still use canned laughter.


My favourite PCA moment was when Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki got on stage to accept two awards, Drama being the major one, and having it broadcast during the show..
Funny how they showed all the CBS shows winning awards but not Supernatural which won Best Network Tv Drama. I have never heard of any award show not inviting the winners of TWO awards - it is a show with 2.4 million viewers a week and it beat a show that has 13 million viewers a week - here's why cause we love Supernatural and we will not let this go till CBS admitts they messed up.


Well done to Supernatural on taking home 2 awards, it's well deserved. I was very dissapointed that the awards weren't even shown on the actual show and the stars & crew weren't invited. They deserve more than that and so do the fans who voted!


Why was Best Drama not televised? I think that Supernatural deserved this win, great show that has lasted the distance....just stumped that they did not get to receive this TOP award on air???


Greatest disappointment that the Supernatural cast, who won BEST DRAMA AND BESET SCIFI was NOT INVITED to the event. How disrespectful!

Rhianna speranzo

only disappointment was lea michele winning comedy actress.. id glee even really a comedy?


I was THRILLED that Person of Interest and Castle won. I don't watch Vampire Diaries so can't say about that one; I did watch Supernatural, but as some have already stated it isn't what it once was. As for Castle YIPPEE!! Love Nathan Fallon and the raport between Castle and Becket...I like how they have started really building their friendship to let them become best friends before taking it any further. GREAT SHOW, GREAT CHOICE!


I'm super thrilled that supernatural won 2 categories! But PCA NOT inviting the Supernatural leads to the award show was extremely outrageous. Such an insult!


Castle rocks....not only the as a crime drama but as a fantastic deuo ...the casting for this show was perfect. the plot line is interesting, funny & keeps you guessing right until the end...i love the relationship betweem
Castle & Beckett...The 2 detectives are a bust up too...i just love this show...


YAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! I'm sooo happy Supernatural won both categories it was nominated for!!!!! Let's hope it lives at least another year!