People's Choice Awards Winners: Castle, Supernatural and More!

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With Kaley Cuoco taking on hosting duties, the 2012 People's Choice Awards had an especially television-y feel.

So, which stars and shows took home the hardware votes on by fans? Read on for a list of winners from small screen categories...

Nina Dobrev Wins!
Lea Michele Wins!

Favorite Network TV Drama:

Favorite TV Comedy Actress:
Lea Michele, Glee

Favorite TV Comedy Actor:
Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother

Favorite TV Crime Drama:

Favorite Cable Drama:
Pretty Little Liars

Favorite TV Drama Actor:
Nathan Fillion

Favorite TV Drama Actress:
Nina Dobrev, The Vampire Diaries

Favorite SciFi Show:

Favorite Network TV Comedy:
How I Met Your Mother

Favorite New TV Drama:
Person Of Interest

Favorite New TV Comedy:
Two Broke Girls

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Wish we could've seen Supernatural announced in such a major category...upsetting that was skipped...Best TV Drama....The Winchester Bros. deserve all of it...Congrats. That show is amazing. Not surprised that is won Best Sci-Fi but Best Tv Network Drama...Way to go!!


I was amazed when I started to watch this show last night....These people all knew they were nominated, got all dressed up to come to an award show and then whenever they won the award....sounded like blubbering idiots making their acceptance speechs....really?
Good thing that they have scripts on their respective shows or they couldn't even form a sentence.
Couldn't watch after the first 30 was making me many times can I hear...this is just awesome?


Supernatural, Castle, Vampire Diaries and Person of Interest: love the combination!


Congrats to Nina and Pretty little liars love both shows


Um SuperNatural used to be a great show but even I (a fan) nearly choked on my chicken when it won for network tv drama. Its gone so far down hill, all it has is its two stars and it used to have some sort of plot. Oh and about a hand full of its diehards sit on polls like they're hatching eggs. I know one of them personally, its sad that even these type "awards" can be rigged by lonely and pathetic members of the human race. I mean, can you find a cure for cancer?


i am pleased that Nina won even though she was not even nominated! Same goes for Supernatural! And i am also pleased that Person of Interest won. i would
have like to see Once upon a time win though. but at least it got nominated


WOW I don't agree with any of these. Unbelievable. I'm...speechless.


Congrats to Nina for being the first ever write in winner!
Also, wtf?? Nathan falion? Really??? I'm guessing no one appreciates the true talent that is ian somerhalder...
Now go ahead, flame away and say I'm tvd biased bc well, I am. The only other show that won I watch is HIMYM. The rest don't hold my interest, sorry. To each their own.


Woo Hoo for Supernatural!!!!! BIG FAN, Soooo glad they have finally won, they have been deserving for a long time now! :-) Glad to see Nina from Vampire Diaries win, love the show, Congrat's to Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris, also well deserved. I don't watch the other shows but congrat's to all the winners. :-)
For all you haters, we really don't need to sit here and read your ignorance so take it where it's appreciated because it just shows your lack of manners and class.


Congrats to Supernatural! Also, Castle, Nathan Fillion, NPH and Prson of Interest. @Paolo I'm a big fan of the show (didn't vote btw) and I know a lot of fans that still think Supernatural is going do most critics! @Morgan You watch a show that you think stupid are you? But thanks for helping with the ratings. @Paolo, @whateva, @Morgan, @Cheryl Supernatural won two awards because the people voted if you don.t like it don't watch but please don;t complain.....what is the point really. "Oh no a show I don't watch/like won an award it must be because the fans are sad!". Why don't you grow up! Idjits.