Sons of Anarchy Season 5: A Journey for Jax

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If you're Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter, it's not too early to start thinking about season five. Or, fortunately for us, to start blogging about it.

Having already said that Opie and Wendy will return to the series this fall, Sutter wrote this week that the upcoming season will focus heavily on Jax and his "journey" as President of SAMCRO. The man must decide what he wants his legacy to be.

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"This season will be a pivotal one in the arc of the series," Sutter wrote on his blog. "Not that all the seasons haven't been essential in shaping the mythology, but this season will begin to lay track for how the series ends. In a feature film, season 5 would be the end of act two. Where the hero has been faced with the primary conflict and obstacles and is forced to make a decision that either ends well or not-so-well."

Sutter - who also plays Otto on SOA, of course - adds that the season ahead will slow down the action a bit, referring to it as "deliberate." He writes:

"I'm not sure how to expand upon that other to say that the decisions our hero makes will be less impulsive and more permanent. The stakes will be ratcheted up while the pace will be slowed down. Not that we won't have all the pulpy goodness we have every season (we will still blow shit up), it'll just have a different rhythm."

And we'll no doubt eat up every second of it.

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I love this show! I can not wait for season 5. I loved The Shield too though! I think Kurt Sutter is absolutely brilliant. Some of the things that happen in the show can have such an impact and really hit home. Like the importance of family, friends, and loyalty..I also really love the part of Gemma Teller, and I love how Katie Sagal plays it, you can tell that it is specifically fits the drama aspect of what Katie wanted to try.
I think that they couldn't have cast this show any better, with the exception of Agent Stall. She was a bad actress. The scene where she is about to die in season four, I mean she is pleading for her life! Common Give us some real tears! lol.
Other than that though. Great cast, great script, great music, just great!!
Can wait for Season 5!!!


SOpranos, SOuthland, SOns of Anarchy...all just SO good. Best TV ever! Roll on season 5


Hurry up I can't wait any longer ! Jax I miss you! If I can make a suggestion. sutter, more nude scenes of jax pleeeeeease!!!!!!


TO Kurt Sutter and his crew:
You KNOW a shitload of people LOVE the Son's Of Aranachy-myself included!!! THIS show IS the ONLY ONE ON TV today with such SHORT Seasons--13 for the most part? WHY does it take so friggin' long to start up too? SOMEONE needs to give US an answer! Thank You!!!


I love the show it is great can't wait for it to come back on.


I am absolutely a die hard fan...I can't wait for this upcoming season....please hurry...Jax makes the show!!!


Love the show....die hard fan.


uhm some of that casting on the Sons of Anarchy didn't make Calhoun because THERE UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just finished watching season 4 and I'm not satisfied, I need more. I thought by the end of the season clay wld be dead and the cartel/da shit wld be over but I am glad juicys stuff got throwed out and jax is pres. Im gonna be goin nuts waiting on season 5.


Max is the best thing since Brad Pitt


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