USA Announces Return Dates for In Plain Sight, Fairly Legal

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One series preparing to say goodbye, and another preparing for a major change, will anchor a new night of programming for USA this spring.

The network announced in a press release today that In Plain Sight will kick off its fifth and final season on Friday, March 16. It will be preceded by season two of Fairly Legal.

In Plain Sight Star
Kate Reed in Court

Among the questions USA says In Plain Sight will answer during its final 13-episode run: Can Mary balance motherhood with a demanding profession or will she put her baby up for adoption? Will Marshall finally be truthful about his feelings for Mary? What will come of Brandi and Peter? Where is Mary's father?

Fairly Legal, meanwhile, narrowly avoided cancellation after an up-and-down opening season.

Look for Australian actor Ryan Johnson to join the cast this year in the role of an ambulance-chasing lawyer who clashes with Sarah Shahi's Kate, while also serving as her new love interest.

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This show was truly a great addition to the friday night lineup. It was a treat to be invited into the lives of the us marshalls. The cocept was fresh and new., the banter between the characters got me hooked the first show. It's so sad to see a show that was unique , and enjoyable be cancelled. We have so many useless reality shows that for some reason have captured an audience
Condoning bad behavior, and rewarding mindless actiivities. Friday night will not be the same. Shame on you !


In Plain Sight is the best series with the best cast to come along in a long time, you should work to keep it on the air!!! Cold Case was another wonderful series that was cancelled. The Closer was great and it got cancelled. What's up with that????


Great show. It really is a terrific show. Well casted, well written and very enjoyable. Don't cancel it unless the characters want out.


Can we do anything to save it? Great show, interesting characters, well written.


What's the reason for the cancellation? Think viewers deserve at least that much. Love the show & had to listen to the promos several times to be sure I was hearing correctly.


Canceling IPS and keeping the Kartrashians? Where are these peoples heads? Oh never mind we already know that answer.


I too am sorry/saddened by the cancellation of this show. And then they keep the crappy reality shows or introduce new ones. Well I've see Marshal Marshal on Blue Bloods and some other programs and I assume Mary is at home with her new baby. But how about getting back to real theatre shows and chuck those reality ones...I don't care if they cost more! Connie


I'm so angry at them for canceling In Plain Sight and doing a sure-to-be-awful half season, I doubt that I'll even watch. The first two years were fantastic, then it became cute/somewhat bareable, but THIS....