Work It vs. Rob: Which Looks Worse?

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Brace yourselves, TV Fanatics. This might be the most difficult question you're asked all year.

Tonight, ABC premieres Work It, a sitcom based entirely around the set-up of two men (Ben Koldyke and Amaury Nolasco) dressing like women. On January 12, meanwhile, CBS debuts Rob, a sitcom that treads in every conceivable stereotype when a white man (Rob Schneider) gets engaged to a Hispanic woman.

Watch promos for each new series below and then try to decide: which is more insulting to mankind?


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OK CBS. We are sick of Rob. The 1 episode I watched sucked. Bring back Jeff and the gang from RoE.


I just watched Work It and love it. It's funny, refreshing and fun!!!! It does have a Bossom Buddies vibe which i love!!!!


I wouldn't watch either of those... I would rather have watched Man Up than Work It.


I don't understand how ABC can air Work it! (which looks awful) and still deprive us of Cougar Town. That's just really wrong.


can't wait for the premier of Busom Buddies 2.0 lol


Work It is just a ripoff of the 80's Bosom Buddies. Rob just makes fun of mexican stereotypes. Both shows look horrible. Really, that's the best the writers could come up with?? @brittbgsu That's fucked up if they're dropping Rules of Engagement for this shit!


Nothing could be worse than Work It!


At least Rob has the actor responsible for Iggy of Surf Ninjas. That was a truly magnificent piece of comedic acting.


They are taking rules of engagement down for the Rob show. What a joke...