Kurt Sutter Previews New Characters on Sons of Anarchy Season 5

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Eff him. It's time to really get moving again on Sons of Anarchy.

So Kurt Sutter writes in his latest blog entry, updating fans on the status of season five - aka The Journey of Jax - which begins shooting in May.

Otto in Jail

But the creator is already hard at work on the premiere script and reports that the new season will introduce viewers to four new characters. One is to be expected, while the other three sounds interestingly vague:

  1. Damon Pope, the notorious gang leader who's daughter Tig killed with his car on the season four finale. 
  2. Someone with a patch we've never seen.
  3. A female Sutter describes as "hard, curvy and very sexy." At least we assume it's a female.
  4. Someone who the producer simply says "packs a .45 with a walrus tusk handle"  and may be considered dangerous, but "just wants to be loved."

No air date has been announced, but season five of Sons of Anarchy will kick off in September.


I watched all four seasons at once and I cant wait for season 5. I am as excited for this as I am for Game of Thrones


My friend and my son have been watching SOA since day 1 - I, on the other hand, had NO interest in watching a biker show.
I ended up in the hospital for a month and my son downloaded SOA onto my laptop for me...I AM HOOKED...can you believe that I - with 35 years of law enforcement background - am cheering for the bikers and the crooked cops!!! GO, SUTTER - can't wait until September!


Man, that´s a long wait.
Regardless of this, I´m sure it will be worth expecting Season 5.
Think I have to re-run everything from the beginning to make such
a long wait, a little more entertaining... hahahaha!


ffs put vic mackey on a bike that would be fucking mean


when does sons of anarchy in 2012 start back up


The 2000+ WOMEN ONLY EXCEPT CAST MEMBERS Facebook group, Sons of Anarchy Crow Eaters, are all eagerly awaiting..and posting and posting pics to pass the dragging time til S5!


samcro rocks i want to see season 5 n i cant wait plz give us season 5 soon ....


Can't wait for september and I think M
ichael Raymond James woul be great as one of these new characters


when will season 5 start


Will be happy when season 5 begins. Season 4's ending was totally unexpected. Kudos to Kurt Sutter. "The Journey of Jax" will undoubtedly be will be a relief, I hope.

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