The Lying Game Review: Alliances Shifted

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I hate to say "I told you so," but "No Country for Young Love" gave us an even stronger inclination as to the identity of Derek's killer. What do you know? It's Alec Rybak!

The thing with trying to control everyone like they are puppets is that you eventually possess too many strings. Alec learned that lesson this week. You'd think a hotshot District Attorney like him would know better, but I guess not.

FBI Raid

I'm sorry, what was i just saying? The above photo of Blair Redford's swoonworthy abs just made me lose my train of thought... Oh, yes, Alec. Speaking of abs, Alec looked a wee bit bloated in his old alumni photo, no? Maybe I'm just really pissed at him tonight now that we know he probably offed some kid. Lest we forget the time he had his God-daughter kidnapped and she almost drowned. The list goes on and on.

I will give him some credit for raising two pretty fantastic kids. I love that Mads is clued in to the twins secret now! Many of us were speculating what her reaction would be and luckily it actually seemed to be one of relief. I would be relieved, too, if I found out about Emma after enduring years of Sutton's bitchiness. It's fortunate that Thayer knows the truth and was able to squash any doubts Mads may have had.

Thayer and Mads each have their own talents, but one thing they have in common is that they are smart. I must commend Mads on her performance at the fraternity house. Emma looked like she was going to pee her pants when that frat guy called them out on being high school kids, but Mads was like yeah and? your point? I'm hot and 18, I think we'll be coming into the party, thanks.

Granted, that wasn't the exact line she used, but you got the point. I would've been nervous if I were that pledge and witnessed what he did. He was there during the murder and recognized Alec, even though he didn't view it. If this is a red herring, I'm going to be pissed. There's just too much evidence here that points to Alec.

If anything, I think it's good that the viewers are clued in for once. We might know the truth, though, but we (the viewers) aren't the ones who are responsible for proving it! The show will become all about how to take Alec down and get evidence before he gets to them first. He's probably still after Sutton. Remember that creepy little Lying Game package? 

Okay, so things changed tonight. Mads is on team Emma and Thayer; Thayer obviously wants Emma; Ethan cheated on Emma with Sutton; and Laurel realized she's too good for Justin. Phew. That's a lot to keep track of. Kristen also realized that Ted's a liar. I have to say that Ted's threat didn't seem to rattle Rebecca one bit. Girlfriend has obviously been through a lot; one little comment isn't going to push her off the deep end. After all, she's got the most conniving man in town in the palm of her hand.

What did you think of this week's episode? I was a tad bored by all the stuff at Ethan's father's house. Until the FBI busted in, it just felt like it was slowing the plot down. Hit the comments and weigh in!


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Sorry, but it just seems like a lot of you are forgetting the minor detail of Emma stole Ethan first! Sure Emma just went in wanting to be a family with her sister, but then she shouldn't have broken the Golden Rule! Don't steal your sisters boyfriend!
And honestly the whole Thayer situation is really stupid, from the beginning we saw that his was madly in love with Sutton and now all of a sudden his crushing on Emma?


I didn't even watch this episode yet, but reading the comments I know i'm gonna rage -_- Ethan is just stupid seriously...ughhh so annoying. I knew something was gonna happen with Thayer and Emma already when they were playing video games with eachother last episode. I'm so on team Thayer now, Ethan and Sutton can just stay on that ranch forever and nobody would miss them.


We all know Alec is a devious sleezebag.. Could he and Rebecca be Emma/Sutton's parents.. Annie said she wasnt the mother... okay, Thayer placing his hand on Emma's.. I'll be here for you.. OMG, will it turn out he is her brother??? It was a lead in to a relationship for them...


Honestly, I'm so disappointed in Ethan because I loved him and his relationship with Emma so much. Honestly, if he can sleep with Sutton while knowing that Emmma loves him more than anything and is fighting for him and his innocence,than he doesn't deserve this girl. Honestly, it sickens me because when Emma found out about Sutton, all she was hoping for was a sister, and she gets betrayed like this?!! Now I want to see what happens with Thayer and Emma because it looks like there are feelings there on Thayer's part and that he's starting to appreciate how different Emma is from her horrible sister. I honestly don't know how someone with so much could be so awful while someone who had so little growing up could be so sweet. I'm not saying Emma's perfect because definitely is not, but her intentions have never been evil while Sutton's almost always have been.


I use to love Emma and Ethan togther but now I think Ethan is a jerk cause he knows what suttons capable of and he know that Emma loves him and I think he loves her but he still slept with sutton and I hope Emma finds out and breaks up with him and they don't get back togther because she deserves better and I think she should go to Thayer and him be there for her as a friend and then hopefully it turns into something more. I am now officially off team Ethan and on team Thayer. Emma and Thayer should be togther cause there good togther and I don't think he would ever do something like that to her. I love the entire episode except for Ethan cheating on Emma and Ethan and sutton at Ethan's dads house cause it was pretty boring everytime we saw them there except when the cops came in and arrested Ethan. I am so happy Mads knows cause she can help a lot and the show got better sense she now knows as it can only get better.


Completely disgusted with Ethan. They can lock him in jail, throw away the key and let him rot! I could see it coming too, but that was disgusting. Trying to tell Emma you love her on the computer and then turning around and sleeping with Sutton not even an hour later. They deserve each other. He knows what Sutton is capable of and I don't believe one word that comes out of her lying mouth. She is manipulative and deceitful and is just trying to get back at Emma because she thinks Emma stole something that belonged to her. She treated Ethan like a boy toy. When Ethan gets back to reality with Emma and sees Sutton's real colors again, he'll realize what an idiot he was and then it will be too late. I don't want them together anymore because she deserves better. I hope Thayer will be there as a friend for her to lean on and we'll see how things go from there. Maybe she can meet someone new. I don't her to keep getting Sutton's leftovers.


Ethan is the greatest douche ever. He and Sutton deserve each other. I hope Emma doesn't take him back. Totally on team Emma/Thayer now. Thayer is a really nice guy and he genuinely cares about Emma, not like Ethan. I wouldn't even mind if Ethan got arrested for good now. That guy is just unbelievable. Well, he did cheat on Sutton with Emma, so no wonder he is doing the same again, only the other way around. I feel sorry for Emma.
I would have liked more Emma/Mads scenes where they talk about her being Sutton. That was all dealt with so quickly.
Oh well, excited for next week as always.


Good golly miss Molly!. This episode changed, too much!?
Gone was the interaction between the twins and the Mercers.
Laurel is ALL grown up making VERY mature relationship decisions. I liked it but was not expecting the Justin breakup to end on such a HIGH note.
Rebecca is everywhere weaving a web that is trapping everyone and causing havoc with all generations. I've been wanting more stories about the adults and Monday we got a deluge of conflicts which appear to be taking over the story lines for the rest of season one.
Everything has changed! Too much, too fast?
To me the BIG reveal was Ted. His reaction to Rebecca was a taste of just whom lies just beneath the surface. I think Ted is going to do something drastic, and might already have done so. Many more reveals left this season for the adults I suspect. That will keep me watching.

Xxaleciaxx stelena

Ethan is such a douche! I'm now on team Thayer/Emmma


Ok so from my point of view, I'm totally Team Sutton! Sorry if you don't like her or you think she's a total bitch, but I honestly think there are some deep-rooted issues going on with her and we're slowly going to see what she's really like and that she does really care for the people around her she just has a hard time showing it. I mean come on,your entire life you feel out of place and like you have to be perfect to fit in and to get in your mothers good graces, and then you find out you have a sister that knows how you feel and will want to help you find your birth mother. Only to have her go and steal your boyfriend, someone who I think personally Sutton really did love.
So in my opinion Emma was the one who kind of tarnished their sister bond or whatever first.

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You oughta be knee deep in trying to find your fugitive brother.

Alec [to Dan]

Emma: I trust Ethan.
Mads: That's great...
Emma: What?
Mads: I'm just wondering if you can trust Sutton.

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