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Last week's The Lying Game ended with an ab-tastic Ethan Whitehorse getting arrested by the FBI. In "Not Guilty as Charged," Ethan was brought back to Phoenix, booked on murder charges and had a pretty interesting arraignment.

My only gripe about an otherwise flawless episode is the fact that something about the law stuff seemed a bit off. Now I don't know all that much about thise area, but if the FBI arrested Ethan, wouldn't he have been booked in a Federal prison? Also, how did a local DA take over the case? Lastly, if Alec recused himself, why was he at the arraignment? Okay, onto the good!

Ethan's Mug Shot

You all know I was a bit bored with the time at the ranch, but Ben Whitehorse left us with a few gems during his conversation with Thayer. First of all, he obviously witnessed the taboo romantic moment between Ethan and Sutton. No matter what Ethan said to fake Emma (aka Sutton), there isn't "nothing" going on.

Family drama combined with running from the police doesn't serve as an aphrodisiac. I don't care how many fireplaces there are and how in touch with nature you're feeling, there was no need for that romance. Also considering how irritated Ethan is by Sutton, I'm super surprised how quickly he cheated.

I read in a lot of comments that people feel like although Emma is definitely nicer, she is not all that innocent. True, she did steal her sister's boyfriend. That's a fact. So, yes, both sisters do have their faults. However, after that move Sutton pulled tonight, telling Ethan that Emma slept with Thayer and telling Emma that she slept with Ethan, that was downright bitchy! Team Emma, people.

I think we can all agree that Sutton has a vindictive agenda. Will Emma and Ethan be able to get passed it? Another thing: will Mads be able to forgive Sutton? How will Mads and Thayer handle the suspicions about Alec? Thayer seems a bit stronger, but Mads is still in denial about her father's shadiness.

One person who is obviously not afraid to call him on it is Rebecca. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love Charisma Carpenter on this show! Okay, so theory time: did Rebecca follow Alec that night and snap that photo? Is that the leverage she has in order to lock him down as a husband?

The note was similar to the note that was sent to Emma. But what about the text? That was very Pretty Little Liars esque. Then again, these shows were created by the same writer. Rebecca seemed very self assured when she was comforting Emma. Obviously she is pretty confident in whatever she is crafting up. 

What's your theory? Will we ever hear about Annie Hobbs again? What will happen with Alec and Derek's murder case?


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hate herrrrrrrrrr


I wonder is Alec the twins father and Rebecca knows this and is playing her own game to bring down Alec. Rebecca being their mother seems too obvious.I still think back to the episode where Alec warns Thayer not to go near Sutton ie a relationship,which always though odd.


course i posted my incomplete comment, whatever. Team Emma ftw


i cant stand ethan for cheating on emma so fast. just proves guys love witches with a b and he was.projecting his feelings for sutton onto.her twin. it makes their relationship a joke especially since he SLEPT with Sutton and he knows how important that is to Emma. Frankly I cant root for Thayer and Emma because he fell for Sutton first too. ugh typos, sorry about that, i'm via mobile. As for "stealing" Ethan away, Emma never did it to hurt Sutton and she had genuine feelings for


Sutton's just an awful human being period. I don't care that technically Emma "stole" Ethan first. The difference between these two girls is that even though it wasn't right, deep down, Emma isn't an evil, malicious person. Sutton is cruel to her parents, her sister, her friends. Had Thayer trailing behind her like a puppy while she slummed it with Ethan and let's be honest, she's been using Emma since they met. I don't think she had any real intention of having Emma becoming a permanent part of her life. No one is saying that Emma's completely innocent, but she isn't evil either. I'm sorry, but no amount of "But Emma did this" would be enough to excuse Sutton's awful behavior.


I just found a website that shows all old episodes online. When you watch the older episodes before the holiday break which ended with Sutton driving into the lake, there were so many story lines going on like Alec being responsible for Derek stealing Sutton's laptop and planting it on Ethan, Alec breaking into Thayer's apartment, following him and Sutton, all information that proved Annie Hobbs was the birth mother, and everything seemed to add up until that point. But since the new episodes started in January it seems like they are contradicting and ignoring alot of those clues, almost like watching a different show. Maybe that is why abc family does not show them on its own website anymore because then everyone will remember those episodes and will be unhappy with the current direction of the show. I like Rebecca's character but it really was unnecessary and changed the whole storyline.




I think when Alec called Rebecca and told her he couldn't make the date, she followed him and snapped that picture with her phone. I think Rebecca arranged for that note to be delivered to her in front of Alec and faked getting a text, acting all weird, knowing Alec would ask her what is going on and then she showed him the picture pretending it was sent by a text. My theory is that it was Rebecca who sent that creepy note to Emma, not to scare her but to warn her since she knew Alec was after her. You all need to remember that the box that Emma got had a piece of the dress that Sutton was wearing when her car went into the lake, so there is no way Alec or Thayer could have sent that message. I think Annie Hobbs called Rebecca after she saved Sutton from the lake (we know from their encounter in the hospital that they know each other)and Rebecca took care of the rest. It is obvious Rebecca is back for revenge from Ted and Alec, but I still don't think she is the twin's mother.


In response to Kat's comment, Annie Hobbs didn't kidnap Emma from the hospital. If you watch the old episodes, Emma was adopted by a family but then Annie Hobbs showed up and claimed to be the birth mother and showed the proper ID and took Emma. And later on sent a picture of her and Emma to the couple which they gave to Sutton to help her find her birth mother. What I still don't get with that is if Annie Hobbs is not the birth mother how did she know the name of the woman they had put on the birth certificate to get a fake ID with that name? and how did she know where to find the family that had adopted Emma? And I don't understand Alec's involvement. He is the one who told Annie Hobbs that Emma had died in the fire and he has been paying Annie Hobbs expense at the mental hospital all these years. So what's the story there?


ps. Ethan not being able to tell about twins is really not that hard to understand. They are identical and Sutton is manipulative and understands how Emma would act so that does not surprise me. What surprises me is that he knows how important Emma losing her virginity is to her so that he would take that at face value. Why would he not question that? Especially since he knows how loyal Emma has been to him, Sutton and everyone else.

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