TV Fanatic Staff Round Table: Childhood Favorites

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Ah, memories.

While our TV Fanatic staff writes about just about every show on a weekly basis, we're taking some time below to look back.

Sure, we love to cozy up these days and watch Damon be snarky on The Vampire Diaries, or Ron be manly on Parks and Recreation, but what primetime programs were included on our must-see lists as children?

We tackle that topic in the following Round Table discussion - and, yes, this makes many of our ages quite evident. Please don't judge...

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Jim Garner: Six Million Dollar Man. I loved this show, I looked forward to it being parked in front of the TV every week. I had the Steve Austin playset and lunch box!

Eric Hochberger: I'm going with Saved by the Bell for sure. Just please don't make me watch the college years ever again.

Miranda Wicker: Saved by the Bell. And I'll see Eric's College Years and raise him The New Class.

Carla Day: I have so many favorites, but I'm going to have to pick the one I've been wanting to watch again recently. I had the DVDs over the winter hiatus, but unfortunately never got around to watching. Scarecrow and Mrs. King. Loved that show!

Carissa Pavlica: I have several. The top two are ties and not open for discussion. I do own them, and watch them repeatedly. I wanted more than anything to either be Jill Munroe or Jaime Somers. And the joy of it was that in either world I got to date the Six Million Dollar Man! Yes, we played Charlies Angels and I was Jill and we played super hero and I was Jaime. My brunette friend was either Kelly Garrett or Wonder Woman, depending upon which show we played. When we played Land of the Lost, we both just wanted to date Wesley Eure. Sigh.

Lindsey Kempton: I was (and still am) a devoted X-Files fan. Mulder and Scully forever!

Teresa Lopez: Alf! Hands down my favorite show as a kid until that creepy series finale.

Leigh Raines: I was all about Full House!!! Then it got annoying and I became super obsessed with Friends (although I was too young to understand most of the jokes).

Christine Orlando: The Dukes of Hazzard. I couldn't wait for Friday nights. I was completely in love with John Schneider (still think he's cute), I had the lunch box, the sleeping bag, the race track, and even built makeshift ramps to make jumps on our bikes like they jumped the General Lee. I was 8. Amazingly no bones were broken. And, yeah, for nostalgia sake I even own some of the DVDs.

Lisa Palmer: 'm going with Dawson's Creek for the win! I owned a Dawson's Creek T-shirt and my bedroom was covered in posters and magazine pictures of the cast, but mostly Joshua Jackson.

Arlene Gonzalez: Dare I admit it? Starsky & Hutch. Those snazzy Keds and that stylin' Irish sweater that Starsky wore? Hot damn.

Matt Richenthal: Wow. I assume no one mentioned Beverly Hills 90210 because you were saving it for me? I appreciate that. Let's all take a moment of silence again for Scott Scanlon, please. I haven't swung around a pistol in my dad's office while wearing a cowboy hat since that painful day...

Your turn, readers. Don't be shy. Take us all down your memory lane now and share your favorite childhood programs.


I look back on "SCARECROW ND MRS. KING" with as much fondness as I feel for "CHARLIE'S ABGELS" -(1st Season was THE MOST FUN!). Out of what I've been told is my "record five starring television series for a woman"-I must admit I loved them all...not so much "BABY BOOM"...the Producers were going to teach us "how to do television"...whoops! They skipped their IQ test and just went for the EGO test, knowing the numbers would be MUCH higher!
I hope all the SMK fans are ready for something I think they'll enjoy...I think it will win new fans for the "fish out of water" romantic comedy-adventure story now set in 2013...and with the same charm with a bit more "hip" sprinkled on top...that's all I'll say for now. Keep looking for unexpected messages like this one and soon we'll all get to see what they mean!
Thanks, SMK fans, for your unending loyalty and support. That's what started this "whole brand new thing" I hope you want to know more about! HAPPY NEW YEAR AND LOTS OF LOVE, Kate Jackson


Passions (beyond crazy annoying addictive got canceled soap from nbc)


My So-Called Life
Damsons Creek


21 jump street,young Johnny depp ws cool,,,friends,,7th heaven,,,good old days.

Aint born typical

I can't believe Buffy isn't on the list. Definite childhood and adult favorite! Also love Beverly Hills 90210, E.R., the X-Files, and Xena, Warrior Princess.

Sue ann

Ancient cartoons -- Gerald McBoing Boing, Crusader Rabbit, Mighty Mouse, Tom Terrific, Beany and Cecil. Cowboy shows -- Bonanza, The Big Valley, Branded, The Rifleman, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, The Cisco Kid, Hopalong Cassidy, Have Gun Will Travel, The Deputy. Comedies -- My Little Margie, The Life of Riley, I Married Joan. Dramas -- Perry Mason. Kids' shows -- The Mickey Mouse Club (Still have a crush on Spin of Spin and Marty).


ER was the greatest growing up!!!


The 60's and 70's shows were the best...Adam 12, Cannon, Mannix, Rockford Files, McCloud, Columbo....also the sitcoms were great...The Jeffersons, All in the Family, Sanford and Son..etc...too many to name. Those were the days.


Rockford Files, dude....Then Husky and Starch (as Mom used to call it)


For me it would have to be: My So Called Life
The X-Files
Dawsons Creek