FX Renews Justified for Season 4

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Mere hours before one of its best episodes to date, Justified received expected yet exciting news this afternoon: it's been picked up for a fourth season!

As Raylan Givens

"Justified is one of television’s best series and this season has reinforced that excellence,” FX vice-president of original programming Nick Grad said in a statement. “Graham Yost and his writing team continue to deliver compelling material and richly drawn characters brought to life by the brilliance of Timothy Olyphant and our terrific ensemble cast.  Their work is validated by universal acclaim, awards, and ratings that have grown every year. We look forward to many more seasons to come.”

The drama's ratings are up eight percent over a year ago, as the first seven episodes of season three have averaged approximately 4.3 million viewers per week.

Tune in tonight at 10 p.m. on FX for an especially tense, entertaining hour and then visit TV Fanatic the moment it concludes for a detailed review.

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Does anyone know what the start date for season 4 is?


love the show whens the new season starting cant wait miss it


I like the way these people think...geeze four million people are watching why would you take a show off the air. But the big three and Fox do it all the time. They use words like only 8 million people watched it; it was a flop?...What? if you have something drawing millions of people to watch and then take it off the air no wonder people are heading to these channels where millions of people count.


What's-her-pajamas is seriously one hawt woman. Been that way since I first saw her in the first X-Men movie, but there's semothing about this series that never grabbed me. I don't hate it. . . I dunno . . . just semothing about this particular brand of Vampire doesn't itch my Vampire fetish. I think the first couple episodes went a little over the top with the gratuitous vamp sex and it kind of ruined the image in my opinion; like it was the big selling point of the whole series or semothing. Red Shoe Diaries: BDSM Vamp Bayou Vamp Style.


That is the best news. Thank you FX for letting us know early so we don't have to wait anxiously. Congratulations to the writers and cast for another nail biting, chliff hanging, engrossing year. You all deserve much credit and kudos from all of us. Terrific

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