Showtime Sets Season Premiere Date for Dexter, Homeland

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Showtime is giving fans plenty of time to get excited for two of its biggest hits, as the network announced the return date today for Dexter and Homeland.

The former will kick off season seven on Sunday, September 30 at 9 p.m., while the latter will premiere season two immediately afterward.

Brody and Carrie
Duped Dexter

Dexter will be coming off what many consider to have been its weakest season, but concluded with a cliffhanger that leaves any long-time fan anxious to tune in this fall.

Homeland, meanwhile, was Showtime's highest-rated freshman drama in history and is, quite simply, absolutely incredible.

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I am really excited about these two shows. I LOVED Homeland, and honestly if it wasnt for this show, I probably wouldnt have made it through Dexter last season....It was THAT bad! But that final 30 seconds is definately bringing me back for season 7!!! Cant Wait~!


Loving this show! You guys are the only reason why I gave this show a chcnae and I'm glad I did! Usually I stick to shows that are fantasy or sci fi based. But I have to give this show credit, it's the best "normal" thriller I've watched on the small screen in forever!


Kind of pity that season 6 apparently in many circles got so mediocre reception; it was not bad at all. (My only possible gripe was the choice of presenting an imaginary person for so long and in such a way, but I am not sure whether it was THAT bad a move.) Of course the season 7 must have an opening relating right to the closing of season 6.


I gotta wait that long for Dexter, grrrrr. I didn't think season 6 was that bad, can't wait to see where the Deb and Dexter storyline will go now.


I can't wait for Dexter. Hopefully season 7 can make up for season 6.

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