Terra Nova: Cancelled by Fox, Hoping for Life on New Network

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Fox has pulled the plug on Terra Nova, following an opening season that was met by mixed reviews and middling ratings, along with one of the biggest budgets on television.

Star Jason O'Mara delivered the news via Twitter, offering a sliver of hope to fans by writing:

“Bad news guys, Terra Nova has been cancelled by Fox. We’re gonna try and get another network to do it. Stand by.”

On the Murderous Case

The prehistoric drama was not a complete bust, averaging just under 10 million viewers per week. But the figures also declined as the season progressed and the two-hour finale drew a series low.

Assuming this really is it for the ambitious program, chime in now: Will you miss Terra Nova?

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I wouldn't blame Fox for this the show had a ridiculous budget and to make any profit it would need the views that the superbowl gets every week...


What are you thinking? Finally a show that doesn't follow the cookie cutter format that most of the other networks follow. Terra Nova was worth waiting for each week. I am fed up with all of the good shows being replaced by shows that are not worth even tuning in for any more. i might just go back to watching old movies. Those are what made television watching enjoyable.


Hi,Terra Nova was thebest show ever. I can't belive it I watched every show they made and check weekly hoping it will come back on. 10 million viewers is alot...please bring it back on, I love that show.


i just want to let fox know that they are morons!!! they cancel all the great shows and keep the stupid ones... MORONS


Cassie aka Britt's last show LUX was canceled too. A lot of the show felt foercd, like Adam and Cassie's relationship. I wasn't sure of the motives behind a lot of Charles and Dawn's actions. Why couldn't they just be honest with their kids to protect them and prevent them from making similar mistakes? Still not sure why Charles needed to kill Amelia. Was that really the only way to get Cassie back to Chance Harbor? If Blackwell wants strictly Balcoin blooded witches to exist, won't that lead to a lot of witchy inbreeding? I will still miss this show even with its flaws. Was looking forward to season 2 and the new Balcoin bloods arriving to mix things up. Jake, Faye and Melissa were my favs. Adam and Melissa together were growing on me even.


one of the few series i actually found intelligent & full of suspence. This was a long time in coming & now it was cancelled. the concept was great ! too bad.


I loved Terra Nova. Is there any network brave enough to take it on? I realize it's expensive to film but as much as the networks are making, maybe they should think about doing something for the fans once in awhile.


We were so excited when Terra Nova came on, followed it faithfully and then WHAM. The lid slams shut and it's gone like the dozens of other worthwhile shows that actually have interesting plot lines. Why is it that Intelligent Americans would rather watch Lizard Lick Towing. Clearly scripted and so full of rednecks they could win a hog calling contest, or Dallas women with Money who act like Hookers. Spare me. I live in Dallas. They don't behave like that.We don't get enough "reality" when we drive up to the gas pumps to fill our cars or watch someone being bombed. Or remember 9/11. We need fantasy, we need to get away in our minds and let our imaginations get some air! Bring BACK TERRA NOVA!


Why oh Why must you cancel Terra Nova!! Our family loves this show and the characters. I was all into it and now you pull the plug, I just hate it when that is done. This was a great show, you do realize, that their is so little to really watch these days. Another reason to watch even less tv!!


Jusy another in the what is becoming a long list of really excellent tv programs cancelled by the Fox boneheads. We don't need more crap cartoons or "reality" BS. I only hope that netflics or perhaps one of the sci fi networks has the good scence to open there doors to a good thing.