The Bachelor Finale: Courtney Wins, World Shrugs

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L.A.-based model Courtney Robertson captured the final rose and got engaged to Ben Flajnik on ABC's The Bachelor last night, to the surprise of virtually no one and the dismay of pretty much everyone. 

Despite the controversy she has generated all season long (perhaps the most of any contestant in the show's 16 seasons), the finale was such a foregone conclusion, the shock value was relatively minimal.

The Bachelor season finale has never been less in doubt, and the After the Final Rose special never more eagerly anticipated. Speculation ran rampant not over who Ben would pick, but what happened since.

After all, Ben has been watching her act insane along with the rest of us.

On the after-show, Flajnik and Robertson told host Chris Harrison that they did in fact break up this winter, a split he says was prompted by her treatment of other women on The Bachelor over the course of the season.

However, they patched things up and she is still with Flajnik.

Heck, they even staged a re-do of their proposal last night.

“We’re engaged, we’re in a good place," Ben said, lamenting the attention they've gotten in the past few months. "Now that the main part of the show and the negativity is gone, it can only get better.”

Ben took part of the blame for walking away from Courtney when times got tough, and she did admit fault in how she behaved throughout the last 10 weeks, though detractors will question her sincerity.

Lindzi Cox, the season's runner-up, did not appear on the after-show. While her rejection at the final rose ceremony was heartbreaking, she handled it as well as anyone could. Think Ben made the right call?

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okay, woah, all of you people saying Ben made a bad decision, need to go take a chill pill. Courtney is a very sweet girl and all that crap is so edited. I've seen courtney in other situations and she is so down to earth and sweet, so before you go hating everywhere, do some research.


Ben....sigh. You possibly have the worst taste in women since...i don't know?....Solomon. Men are always driven by that damn "little" brain, and it is too bad because you had that gorgeous Linsey at your finger-tips....and we all know the rest of the story. That beauty thing. When will you men learn that beauty is HONESTLY....only skin deep. Courtney was false throughout and you totally ignored were warned and you still ignored it. Shame, shame on you. You are young, god help you you either learn about women, or maybe just go ahead and be gay....So sorry. I tried so hard to think you were a smart are typical....sorry for you...:-(


Oh my gosh that was a horrible decision Ben


That really sucked Ben she is mean to other girls and a horrifying person I hope y'all have a good life Jesus knows what happens next


the worst season of all!


Ugh i hate when "reality tv" is so edited to add to the drama for ratings. Its pretty obvious to anyone smart enough to think for themselves ie not fall for whatever b.s. the media is currently feeding us that Courtney is a regular sweet girl... So what if shes edgy?!! If she wasnt hotter then the others they wouldnt have banded against her so quickly. Those chicks had their claws out immediately and they said just as much back. Its funny because she was there for Ben, why beg a bunch of haters to like you? She made mistakes, who doesnt? Oh yea and i liked that she had a damn personality and was humorous. She did her. Takes balls. Respect.