Touch Review: Who Hears You?

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Touch comes back after the pilot with its second episode "1+1=3" and that equation almost explains how I feel about this show: Both intrigued by the concept and weary from trying to keep up with its execution.

I enjoy Kiefer Sutherland's portrayal of a tired but dedicated father but I wish we got to see more scenes between Martin and Jake. The connection between father and son, despite the obstacles is the strength of Touch.

Helping a Stranger

It took me a while to see Clea's point about bringing Jake back to the group home. He has a loving father. Why take him away, even for a short period of time? But if Jake continues to escape from schools, Martin needs to show he's doing everything possible for his son and that includes being evaluated at a live-in facility recommended by social services. The evaluation may give him feedback he doesn't have plus it continues to make him look like a concerned father to authorities who are already watching.

Speaking of Jake's ability to escape. What's up with that? He's practically a little Houdini. Does he pick locks? Walk through walls? Or is he just super observant and spies the flaws in security that most people miss? Clea only turns her back for a moment and he's gone. Right now, his ability seems almost mystical.

But that's one of the joys of this show. It marries the numbers with an almost spiritual faith. For 11 years no one has heard Jake's voice. Now his father hears something more powerful: Jake's spirit. He believes in his son.

As for all of the connections that Jake's numbers lead to, some of those stories left me with more questions than answers. Like, why is Pavel's father sending him a dog? Don't they have puppies in Moscow?

And shouldn't the kids in Pavel's class be nicer to him if they think his daddy is the Russian equivalent of Tony Soprano? Seems to me you would want Pavel as a friend, not an enemy.

Did the peanut vender really have to sue to keep that home run ball? Probably. It's a sad world when a fan can't keep a baseball they catch during a game without a law suit pending.

The weakness of the show is all of the leaps of faith it expects its audience to take. I'm good with the flight attendant running into the man with his father's ashes and that Martin is the connection between Becca and her ailing father. But the dog running onto the bridge at the exact moment dad tries to commit suicide? Or that the phone call from Pavel is enough to change his father's mobster ways? There are some leaps in this story that are just too unbelievable.

I get that they want to show that Jake's numbers have far reaching consequences.  We are all connected no matter where we are in the world but I do wish they would limit the connections by a story or two. Trying to follow all of the jumps can take Touch from entertaining, to almost daunting to keep up with.

However, as Arthur tells Martin in one of the Touch quotes from this episode...

 Sense. Is that what you're looking for? Sense? | permalink

Yes. But I suppose suspending my need for logical explanations and embracing the nuances of the story will make Touch a more enjoyable ride.


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Not sure about this show ... love the concept but many, many people in the world are not ready to put out that much energy to keep up with the jumps and how they all fit together. Plus, Kiefer ... well, he is the guy from 24 who is all action and tough guy ... people will see him that wauy for a long time ... this show needs to up it's anti to get people involved and do something with the social worker ... blah person that she is.


One more scene with this deadpan kid just staring while writing numbers with dad yelling "What do you want me to do" and I am done with this. Far to little action.


Very strange show. Not sure yet if I like it or not.


I believe this episode felt a little more "contrived", or at least predictable, because we already knew the premise going in from the pilot. I wouldn't say that makes it a lesser episode. I disagree with the reviewer that "Trying to follow all of the jumps can take Touch from entertaining, to almost daunting to keep up with." I am so glad there is finally an intelligent show that demands the audience's full attention. It is amazing to me just how fast that hour ticks by when watching this show, and that tells me that I am very caught up in the story line. As with the pilot, it was the last 5 minutes of this episode that got to me and put a lump in my throat. Well done, and can't wait for next week's episode.


I like the concept, but watching this after the pilot has left me concerned. A show like this is not fast enough to keep us enthralled without a significant larger story arch. It needs to show the audience that they are reaching to some conclusion. Hope that the writers have something in their minds.


The show isn't bad, but it's not really good either. It provides us with a lot of coincidences, plot holes, unanswered questions and clichés and then looks at us straight in the face and says "That's the point!" Yeah, I get it. Everything is connected. So every week we will see 4 or 5 random stories and then see them all intwine by phone calls. Again, it's not a BAD show, but how long can you drag this premise out without it becoming tiresome? I really liked the pilot. I liked this episode a little less and feel that I will get more bored with the premise with each one that passes by.


Good episode, not as great as the pilot but a solid 2nd episode. I didn't find any of the situations a stretch. Pavels dad was in America and he wanted to send his kid a present. Ball players have had run-ins with fans before over milestone achievements, i can't think of any lawsuits but gifts have been exchanged for the item wanted. Life is fate's plan being unfolded and a lot of things that appear coincidental or downright unlikely can in fact be that plan. I didn't have a problem at all with the way Arnie and Becca met. I found their story quite moving with a satisfying ending. Next week looks like they might start doing a season-wide mystery at least that's the hints I was gathering from the teaser. Definitely going to keep watching.


Loved the pilot but this episode seemed hokey to me. Very disappointed as I was really looking forward to the premier after watching the pilot. I will give it another chance though.

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Touch Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Arnie: What do you want?
Martin: I don't know, yet.

Go to work. Stay below the radar and let me try and help your son.