Falling Skies Season 2 First Look: Three Months Later...

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To conclude Falling Skies season one finale, Noah Wyle's Tom boarded the alien ship of mankind's invading enemy.

To open Falling Skies season two, meanwhile, we'll see... Noah Wyle's Tom boarding the alien ship of mankind's invading enemy.

From there, however, the TNT drama jumps ahead three months, as we witness Weaver and Pope dueling with some mechs and skitters, along with Margaret firing the final kill shot.

Falling Skies returns with new episodes on June 17, ones we'll cover in depth each week on TV Fanatic. For now, sit back and watch the opening three minutes from the season premiere:

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I was wonder why we should do this? We eat meat every day and don't
grow. You will never get muscules like Arnold because you never use
steroids like Anapolon or metandrostenolol.


Come on people if you like it watch it, If you don't-- don't. Its starting its second season which tells me it has a huge following, Science fiction is just that so just enjoy the story and the characters and don't take it to seriously.LOL


Lack of realism is one thing, but when you set up a scenario - that aliens wiped out earth's armies - you have to at least follow through with that and show weapons, tactics, technology capable that feat. As written, the alien technology on the show is actually behind our current tech. The "walkers" as shown would be no match for a tank, A10, attack helicopter, Gatling gun, shoulder fired missiles, etc. And the aircraft don't seem any better than what we pathetic humans have in the sky. They seem only to be able to operate via line of sight with no spectrum tech (infrared, etc.) Alien tactics on display are worse than what a high school kid who played Call of Duty could come up with. Perhaps though, I am not giving the writers their due. Maybe they had the aliens kill all the smart people and leave only the idiots alive. Maybe that was their tactic all along. If so, it's perfectly executed.


Are you people really complaining about the lack of realism in an alien invasion show?


These aliens wiped out earth's armies, yet according to the trailer, they fire underpowered missiles and have targeting systems that can't hit men on motorcycles less than 20 yards away. You couldn't make a more campy show if you tried. This is Ed Wood territory.


Continued from below: Trust me, it'll be a long time before aliens invade earth again after I am done talking and you can take that to the bank! Well... I mean you could, if the banks weren't all destroyed. Anyway, I gotta go. The aliens are waiting.


Hello, I am the dad on the show Falling skies. For some reason the aliens that invaded earth and wiped out most of humanity want me on their spaceship. It's either because I am somehow very important, or more likely, because the writers just thought it was something that should happen. Makes perfect sense to me as I am the star of the show. Anyway these aliens killed lots of people and are stealing our children. You can bet your bottom dollar that before I get on that ship, those same writers will provide me the opportunity to give those aliens what for! The3y will allow me to be proxy for the entire human race and truly show my leadership, intelligence and passion. What will the writers have me to to demonstrate this passion, leadership and smarts? Well... before I get on that ship I get to give those aliens a stern talking to! I mean VERY stern. If the aliens were 4 year old children they might even say I'm sorry daddy. Trust me, it'll be a long time before aliens invade earth again after I am done talking - you can take that to the bank! Well... I mean you could, if the banks weren't all destroyed. Anyway, I gotta go. The aliens are waiting and they seem kinda impatient.


I wish this was the only show on TV except for other shows devoted to each of the characters on this show and also one about the aliens too, but just those few shows, and, well maybe one about the dog that was in that one episode because dog shows are cool and there haven't been any in a long time and I think that having dogs and aliens in a show is great. There should also maybe be like two or three shows about the doctor in this show, like one about her as a doctor and one just like where she is always hanging out at a pool or the beach or something. Oh yeah and a motorcycle show with the chef guy who is also like a tough guy in the show even tho I know girls in Jr. High school who are bigger than he is and could beat him up, but TV is different and little guys on tv can always beat up aliens with technology that exceeds our by thousands of years so it's realistic that the little guy could be tough.


TNT promoting Falling Skies as an action show in new trailers. Yep. Aliens cross the universe, wipe out our armies, but the "ragtag" survivors somehow manage to battle the aliens without using even basic gorilla/survival tactics. However many children the aliens need, they already have - must be literally tens of millions around the world - so they wouldn't even bother to send in small arms after insurgents, they'd just decimate entire areas with WMDs. There is nothing exceptional about Tom - in fact he's a lousy leader and father. When the aliens want him to board their ship was one of the most hilariously idiotic plot points in tv history. This show is so bad it almost approaches being watchable - the writers however think they are being profound. It's basically camp designed for 10 year olds - you know no one will actually get hurt or killed - at least not until they have a chance to deliver a "moving" death bed soliloquy.


Dunno, but instead of "Aliens & Cowboys", this one kinda looks more like "Aliens & Rednecks".

Falling Skies Quotes

Karen: Glad you came Hal. I wasn't sure you got my message.
Hal: Loud and clear.

Girl: Nice one, Benji.
Ben: Stop calling me that.