Fringe Review: Make Way For A Different Happy Ending

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I always forget that they don't have coffee in alternate universe. Between Fauxlivia's craving a Latte and their little spat about Mantis and Batman "Everything in its Right Place" shined a light on what I love and have missed from our visits over there.

Have any of our other alternates ever had a moment of sharing their past information as did the Lincolns? I really enjoyed that, especially since Lincoln was trying to determine how Alt-Lincoln became so incredibly confident and he didn't. Who wouldn't want to know those things? Addressing it was so fun and interesting to me. Am I the only one?

Alt. Lincoln

So the shapeshifter they were chasing was the first, and a mistake. Have we seen others shift in the way he did? I definitely preferred the metallic gizmo we've seen used to pluck out life force rather than that (insert your own opinion of the turkey neck looking item here) thing that he was jamming down people's throats. Talk about gag worthy! Is that what made him a dud?

I completely lost track of the season and wondered why Broyles' had a beef with Lincoln. I thought he was pissed that our team was looked at like heroes over there. Hello! Bad guy. Perhaps even a shifter himself. There was so much going on with Peter and Olivia that naughty Nina and bad Broyles had escaped my train of thought. At least his unpleasant behavior gave the Lincolns more of a chance to bond. Thank God they took advantage of the time they had.

The rest of the show came out and smacked me in the face. When Alt-Astrid entered Broyles office, I was certain she had something to say about his being a shapeshifter, or Nina. The death of Alt-Lincoln? NO! No. And yet, it made perfect sense. Lincoln was going to be in love with Olivia, one of the Olivias, no matter what. With Alt-Lincoln's death, a door was opened for him to step into a man's shoes who he admired, who worked closely with someone with whom he was already fond. He had an opportunity to face himself in a way most of us will never be able.

Lincoln chose to stay on the other side to help Fauxlivia for a while. Maybe that will be his chance to find his own footing, his own home, the one place he's never truly felt in his own world. But what will that mean for us? I hope it means more dual universe episodes, because I don't want to lose more characters. Lincoln has become very beloved this season, and if that was to draw us closer to Fauxlivia, they didn't need to go that far. But welcome new recruits!

Were you as shocked with the night's events as I was? Nina in holding, Alt-Lincoln dead after a gunshot wound, even though he survived becoming a crispy critter when we first met. Where will that leave Broyles? He's going to feel pinned to the wall with them crumbling around him. How will Lincoln rise to the new challenge and fill Alt-Lincoln's shoes? Where will our team fit into this new dynamic?

This season has been outstanding so far. What say you?


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Such a good episode, after last weeks slight drop. I've always been irritated at writers who bring characters as romantic foils who are only going to get dumped so leading man and leading lady can get together. This was such a satisfying development for Lincoln Tyrone Lee (seriously Civil War much?!). I don't know if the writers are going to have Red Olive and Lincoln get together, might be interesting to see; as long as it doesn't feel anemic I'm good. I'd be interested to see how Lincoln or where Lincoln changed from his alt. I think we all have those days when we wonder who we might have become. Lincoln is there because Peter is back. He's got inside information because Peter knows things from the old time line. Peter's presence is sending out ripples and their enemies better beware or better yet not ;). I so that Astrid was about to tell Broyles she knew he was the mole, and I look forward to Lincoln to picking up that thread as the outsider. This season has been so good at not being what is we think it will be and changing things up whenever we get complacent.


I think pieces are falling back into place. Lincoln was not part of the team in the old timeline, and so they had to find a way to return things to how they were with only one of the Lincoln's being on the alt-Fringe Division. And I'm assuming Alt-Broyles is already dead and this is a shape-shifter. All that's left now, is to try to change the Observer's prediction of Olivia dying (which did happen in the future, but NO! IT MUST BE STOPPED!)


Actually to counter BigBopChip, I thought this was a rather good and strong episode in that the title fit the episode perfectly.
The episode was really about Lincoln and how he could really return to where he belonged, lets face it he never really fit in the blue universe.
He tried hard, but because he wasn't there from the start, he didn't feel one of the family, so how to rectify this.
Simple help the red universe, replace their lincoln (not hard since they mostly shared the same memories) stay a while and became the red Lincoln.
The Blue universe goes back to having the same members we have come to know and love over the last 4 seasons, and the Red Universe goes back to having those same members we love also.
Hence the Title " Everything back in its right place" pefect Title for a Perfect episode


From the minute I saw last week's promo I dreaded this moment. This was the Lincoln we all first came to love last year, with his swaggering confidence and deep love for his Olivia (did anyone else see his smile when Altivia called him "my Lincoln"). I thought the scenes with the two Lincolns and Altivia- especially the Tyrone bit- were wonderful. And the discussion between the Lincolns was just perfect- I genuinely forgot that it was only one actor. In my opinion Seth Gabel's finest work.
RIP (alt) Lincoln Tyrone Lee. You'll be missed.


Didn't think this was a very good episode. Quite weak actually. I've never found Fauxlivia that interesting or convincing. Feels like the show is just spinning its wheels and going no where.


the writers and actors have done such a great job on this series creating the different alt characters. I found myself reminding myself tonight that it is one actor that has created a completely different olivia, walter, lincoln, estrid, etc. I'm not sure on this, but I think that this show has not won any emmy's and that is a shame. side note: the shapeshifter 'device' looked like an umbilical cord to me.

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