TV Ratings Report: A Bad Night for The CW

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The Secret Circle and The Vampire Diaries both returns to season lows last night, airing their first new episodes in week to just a 1.0 and .5, respectively, in the key 18-49-year old demographic.

But it was a down night across the board, with American Idol easily winning, despite dipping nine percent from its previous Thursday installment...

Cassie and Grandma

8 p.m.
American Idol: 14.6 million viewers
The Big Bang Theory rerun: 9.2 million/Rules of Engagement: 7.7 million
Missing: 7 million
Community: 2.9 million/30 Rock: 3.1 million
The Vampire Diaries: 2.2 million

9 p.m.
Grey's Anatomy: 9.6 million
The Office: 4.3 million/Parks and Recreation: 3.5 million
Touch: 7.3 million
Person of Interest rerun: 8.6 million
The Secret Circle: 1.1 million

10 p.m.
Scandal: 7.3 million
The Mentalist rerun: 8.2 million
Awake: 2.7 million

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God, and it's "Nikita" which is talked to be cancelled. I hope they will sacrifice everything for Nikita, cause ratings has gone up this week.


I'm very proud of Scandal for keeping it's ratings!


Eish, how ironic tho, these were the best eps the whole season!!! Cannot wait for next eps tho. I am sure that the ratings will increase. TSC hasn't done all that bad. They need time and more promotion. They should get rid of GG and Ringer.


@Chris TVD actually has no real competition except AI, as comedies actually have a different target group. They have in fact has the easiest timeslot on the network imo. TSC actually does have a hard time slot. Alot TVD fans are getting bit weary of the storylines but you're right though the hiatuses do not help, I think that what originally hurt GG (you know those crazy hiatuses from season 2, well that and the time and day change).


I think that the hiatus cost to both TVD and TSC pretty sure they will be up next week!
plus they have fierce competition!


Okay, people you all need to watch Community as last night's episode was funny as I don't know what in the Dreamatorium.


Kind of tired of the everyone is in love with Elena/Cassie show. Maybe I am not the only one!!!


Woah I never actually seen TVD episode that low before maybe DE fans aren't the show's backbone like they believe.


Holly crap! Not a good sign! Oh my poor The SC! ! ! Where went all the viewers????