TV Ratings Report: Betty White Rocks!

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It took Betty White and her prank-tastic new show to draw the most viewers for NBC on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. since late 2011.

Read on to see just how well Betty White's Off Their Rockers fared, along with the domino effect it did NOT have on the rest of the Peacock's programming...

Betty White, Off Their Rockers

8 p.m.
American Idol: 15.25 million viewers
Survivor: 10.1 million
Betty White's Off Their Rockers: 7.2 million/Best Friends Forever: 3.9 million
The Middle rerun: 3.8 million/Suburgatory: 3.6 million
One Tree Hill series finale: 1.4 million

9 p.m.
American Idol: 18 million
Criminal Minds: 11.2 million
Modern Family rerun: 4.9 million/Happy Endings: 3.7 million
Bent: 2.4 million/Bent: 2 million

10 p.m.
CSI: 11.9 million
Missing rerun: 3.5 million
Rock Center with Brian Williams: 3 million

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Posted on I found myself drawn in by the Ugly Betty rerun on Soapnet stduraay afternoon, but I had to stop myself we all need to draw the line somewhere, and with a boatload of returning shows and at least two new ones looking like season committments for me, I just can't find the ugly betty gets rejected yet again.


Like Bent too... But the lead actor has a bad cancelling curse!


I too really hope that Bent gets a 2nd season, though I doubt it will since it just didn't get the ratings. Which is a shame because it is really well done. However that Betty White candid camera show was funny.


Wow. I'm actually surprised at One Tree Hill. I mean, a series finale only scored 1.40 million? That's really pathetic.

Sue ann

I thought the Betty White show was absolutely delightful, and I laughed and laughed. I'm glad I happened across it. However, whatever the rest of the NBC Wednesday lineup is, I am not interested. With the advent of the remote control, the tendency to leave the channel where it was rather than actually get up, walk across the room, and change it has declined. Did someone forget to tell the television executives? They need to up their game if they want to retain their viewers.


I can not believe the Betty White Crap and BFF got more viewers than Bent, which is a super funny show and I really hope it gets a second season


One Tree Hill?