Arrow on The CW: First Look!

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Admission: I know absolutely nothing about The Green Arrow.

I didn't watch Smallville and I've never read a comic book in my life.

But having just returned from The CW Upfront, I can confidently say that I'll be tuning in to The CW on Wednesday nights this fall for Arrow, which stars Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, a billionaire who returns to the life he knew about an accident left him presumed dead for five years.

Except Oliver isn't the Oliver everyone knew from before. He's changed, he's focused his energy on bringing down evil and, as you can see here, he can do some ridiculous exercises:

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Rhianna speranzo

@Kyle lol i was just thinking about how this reminded me of The Cape and how although it was interesting it was a failure and this might just follow. we'll see


The Cape... oops, I mean The Arrow, should have a good 8 episode run before it is cancelled. Who runs these networks? How many times can someone shooting an arrow at a bad guy be made interesting?


Oliver Queen/Arrow's quiver hasn't been emptied. We heard only a piece of his life story on Smallville now it's time to watch the rest of it play out. In the 70's comic sales were way down, but Ollie as Arrow and he fellow crimefighter kept the DC vaults from closing. Arrow/Ollie is a passionate defender of Mother Earth, gets angry then does something about pollution etc. He backs up his bark with the bite of his arrows. I am looking forward to Wed. nights on CW in the fall.


Wow! He can do ninja warrior... he can shoot bouncing tennis balls with his bow... he can hang upside down... he can sharpen stuff on a lathe... and he can glower! Looks amazing! Definitely worth a look! Imagine all the different things he can shoot with an arrow! One week he could shoot a switch to turn off the bomb just be3fore it goes off. He could shoot a car tire so it swerves just in time to avoid hitting a baby in a stroller. He could shoot the morning paper from his kitchen table and reel it in so he doesn't even have to walk outside! I can't wait for this one!!


Disappointed Oliver/GA isn't being played by Justin Hartley, but still seems like it might be worth a look.


OMG that's Brady from TVD!!! He's super hot, I'll watch the show just for him! Only problem is, needs a better trailer; this inspired nothing


Looks quite interesting. I really hope this will be able to substitute the lack of "The Secret Circle" next season.


Looks okay. I'll watch the pilot and see how I go from there.


I like how gritty it is. I don't have much faith in the CW, and I'm concerned that the writers did the Green Lantern movie though, it wasn't great. Still, it's worth it for his abs...


Gonna watch this show, think it looks pretty savage, unlike all the other new dramas. cant believe tht The Secret Circle was dumped in favor of the likes of Beauty and the beast, and that new medical one

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