Beauty and the Beast: First Look!

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Beauty and the Beast isn't just coming to The CW this fall, it's arriving in the cushiest time slot the network could provide for a new series:

Immediately following The Vampire Diaries.

This modern retelling of the classic fairy tale stars Kristin Kreuk as Catherine Chandler, a homicide detective whose own life was saved nine years ago by… something? Someone?

She later learns the kind act was committed by Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan), a veteran presumed dead who has actually been in hiding due to experiments the Army conducted on him and his men. Intrigued? Watch the following clip:

The CW has also released a sneak peek at Arrow. It looks positively awesome.

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I used to watch the re-runs of original 80's show staring Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman as a kid. I loved the love story between Catherine and Vincent. I like Kristin Kreuk so hopefully this one will be just as good. Too bad Ringer was cancelled though, still upset about that decision.


Sad about TSC and Ringer but will give this and arrow a try.


Can't believe they cancelled TSC for this...


Doesn't seem that bad.. But I don't see how this could be a long show. there's only so long you can wait to get the happy ever after before people get bored. but maybe they'll pull it off. Do wish that they would bring back the secret circle though


So they got out of the car and just shot her for no apparent reason? Right.......
But I like Kristen Kreuk, so I'll give the pilot a go.


hate this show just for taking the SC time slot! no chance for me! i watch to many shows already!


Looks good!


I know everyone will prob be on my case for not giving them a chance, but i think that Arrow is the only new CW show with any promise. The others just... no. I don't know why they thought they were a better call than Secret Circle or Ringer. Even if the new shows (other than Arrow) have high ratings, none of them give the impression that they will last more than 1 season.... I'll reserve final judgement until i see them, but in the meantime I still regret the loss of TSC

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