CBS Renews CSI: NY, Cancels CSI: Miami

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With CBS ordering six pilots to series for the 2012-2013 schedule, the network has also announced a few cancellations to make room for the upcoming shows.

Those NOT returning to the network this fall will be:

  • CSI: Miami
  • Rob
  • Unforgettable

CSI: NY, meanwhile, will return, while the fate of Rules of Engagement remains undecided.

CSI Miami Cast

Regarding the end of CSI: Miami, who aired for 10 seasons, CBS said in a statement:

It "leaves an amazing television legacy – a signature look and style, global popularity and as a key player in CBS’s rise to the top over the past decade. We thank all the producers – led by Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman and Ann Donahue - and its talented cast, led by David Caruso, for 10 outstanding seasons."

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CSI miami was the best of those three shows.. it's very very bad decision to cancel it .. PLEASE BRING IT BACK ... it should me more than 15 seasons


i have not watched this channel since they have cancelled csi:miami and i have boycotted it, i know tons of people who are not willing to even second look at this channel for the poor choice in shows, you have made a mistake and to keep silly shows on there fathoms me, it has been a long time since i watched the channel i have even went through the proper channels of having cable company remove it from my channel selection it is sad that you cancel something that had good ratings, and tons of fans! i think that had you given time for them to end the series properly you wouldnt have so many people boycotting your channel, but you cancell csi for little shows that will never have the same ratings as csi did! very disappointed csi miami fan


You just had to drop the best show you ever had on your cbs station didn't you? Bring it back please. Your ratings are dropping because of it being dropped. I would advise all viewers to drop cbs from their viewing list. Let them see how it feels. Maybe time warner will go through with taking them off their system soon. Csi miami is the only csi show worth watching. All cbs viewers- -- drop them!!! We want csi miami back.


I am very disappointed that CSI Miami has been cancelled. I kept waiting for it to return. That CSI was the best one, since you changed all characters on the original CSI which has gotten a lot better. But there was no one like David Caruso. I'm sure it had a lot of following. Sometimes I think you stations don't know what the hell you are doing. If it wasn't broken, then why would you try to fix it. You always take the best shows off & leave that stupid stuff on.


CSI Miami was the best one since all the characters changed on the original CSI. I was really surprised that you would remove a highly rated show to air some of the stupid unrealistic sitcoms that are being aired now days. The younger generation do not watch television as much as some of the older generation so therefore why air shows related to the terrible way of society & disregard the generation that actually enjoys certain shows. AND as for taking Unforgettable off the air.....Such a TERRIBLE mistake. Please reconsider the decisions made for this season & hope to see CSI Miami & Unforgettable back on next season! If not I will disregard CBS from my menu of tv channels that I watch!!!


Why can't you take some of the stupid reality shows of and some Comedy shows and leave C.S.I Miami on it is a great show and will be missed by many of my family members and friends 20+ cant' another station carry it.:(


what clowns that run cbs they don't know rat shit about english tv watchers we like all the csi except ncis good job we got a lot of recordings to watch.


What a huge disappointment reading that CSI Miami is not returning. I began watching the CSI's with Miami and as alot of u stated, ended up watching all 3 with Miami being my absolute favorite! Since there has been such a character change up in the original CSI over the past few yrs, I've gravitated away from that one all together but do continue to watch CSI New York, but was still anxiously awaiting the return of Horace and his gang! Another totally disqusted viewer!


Shocking I only really watch tv properly when csi all of them are on and Miami was my favourite shame on you CBS let know guess what about some more trashy crap is gunna such like two broke girls y'all just taking reality away from viewers tut tut


I use to watch ALL of the CSI's Miami, New York and the original. BUT since they cancelled CSI Miami in May-June. I NO longer watch any of them, I cant stand NY and only watched that because I enjoyed the others, so I watched that as well. But since they cancelled my favorite CSI Miami, I once in a while watch the original but if there is something anywhere else I dont watch any of them. AND I use to change my schedules and even record so I could watch them as I LOVED CSI MIAMI... great job ! cancelling that...obviously no one cares what people enjoy... so now I no longer watch CBS hardly ever...they just totally annoy me.