CBS Renews CSI: NY, Cancels CSI: Miami

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With CBS ordering six pilots to series for the 2012-2013 schedule, the network has also announced a few cancellations to make room for the upcoming shows.

Those NOT returning to the network this fall will be:

  • CSI: Miami
  • Rob
  • Unforgettable

CSI: NY, meanwhile, will return, while the fate of Rules of Engagement remains undecided.

CSI Miami Cast

Regarding the end of CSI: Miami, who aired for 10 seasons, CBS said in a statement:

It "leaves an amazing television legacy – a signature look and style, global popularity and as a key player in CBS’s rise to the top over the past decade. We thank all the producers – led by Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman and Ann Donahue - and its talented cast, led by David Caruso, for 10 outstanding seasons."

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I cannot believe cbs is not bringing back csi miami that is my favorite show I love to see Horatio. What are ya thinking ya always take off the good show and keeping two and half men and other shows like that is no count to watch. I use to watch csi on Thursday night, when Brown, Grisom and Katherine went off I will not watch it anymore because the good actors went off the air PLEASE RETURN CSI MIAMI and drop one of those new shows. Its will be so stupid not to bring back CSI MIAMI................


Please bring back CSI Miami...who was stupid enough to cancel the number 1 show...


I am soooooo glad that CSI: NY is coming back but why did they drop Unforgettable? That was such a great show. They drop the good shows and keep the weird one, which I didn't know was still on.


i cannot believe csi miami is being cancelled for stupid stupid programs like two nand a half men are you crazy or what stupid comedies over csi miami cbs you need to find someone who has a brain that will keep brilliant shows like csi and get rid of the rubbish shows you will lose a lot of veiwers and im one come one people get behind csi miami and make them put it back on


yaay love csi ny but unforrgettable was sooo great!! please please bring it back!!


Why do you drop good shows to put garbage one tv especially the dumb comedy shows that have no meaning tv is starting to be very boring we need to picket


I really am disappointed that csi Miami is not coming back. They were all great, I enjoyed the action and of course Miami it was like summer all the time at my house I love you all and wish you the very best I really will miss this program. :(


Why cancel csi Miami its my favourite wrong choice also unforgettable was great


What is wrong with you CBS. CSI MIAMI was a great show. Leave MIKE AND MOLLY on and take those things off like TWO and A HALF MEN, 2 BROKE GIRLS etc you call comedies and to me are not comedies just filth. CSI MIAMI had a story to tell and it was fun trying to figure out who did it! You know, something to actually make your brain work. CSI MIAMI was educational to. I do not see that in most of those stipid shows you call comedies.


The characters destroyed csi miami. The three older characters.
Horatio Caine, with body postures and short sentences. Duquesne and Delko, with police perfection. Very little credible. They looked like robots. Never wrong, all they knew, never a mistake. They sucks.
The characters that gave credence to the series were those of Jon Togo, Eva La Rue and Omar Miller. With mistakes, smiles, questions.
And the historys are improbables. (Sorry my bad english)