Cult Promo: More Than a Show?

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Along with The Carrie Diaries, Cult will premiere in early 2013 in The CW.

And, simply put, it looks positively awesome.

The series is based on a show-within-a-show, as Matt Davis plays an investigative journalist who looks into the connection between his brother's death and this fictional program, Cult.

Jessica Lucas' Skye works on Cult, while Robert Knepper's Bilyl stars in Cult and you really need to see the latter in action. Watch the first extended Cult trailer now:

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WOW that looks like it is going to be a awesome show, can't wait to see it , cw is the best tv station on the air.


I luv it,,nxiously w8n 4 my luv Mattty new show ,xoxo


Just watched the pilot and it was great! Wish I could see another episode right now. Not teened down or toned down or anything like Scooby Doo...just a compelling, creepy mystery.


Seems like a premise for a far more mature and gritty show that has been "teened down," so it appeals to the demographic tuning into the CW. Basically strikes me as the same CW formula of teens (or teen surrogates), rebelling against corrupt "adults," who learn something of the world - albeit a stilted something. It may work on the CW, but no one over the age of 17 or with an IQ over 90 is going to find much to keep them interested. More Scooby Doo, the X files.


Looks amazing with a lot of suspense. Great producer! Can't wait to see it!


this trailer was confusing, but the good kind of confusing that makes you want to watch to understand.


This seems like something JJ Abrams would be producing. Oh I wish he was because this show looks like it has a lot of promise, but given CW's track rate of getting rid of good tv shows (ex. Ringer, The Game, etc.) I say this might last two seasons before we say good-bye...


Yes Alona Tal I've loved her ever since VM. Matt Davis hair looks very fluffy!


We think that they should bring back Ringer and The Secret Cirle. They should cancel America's Next Top Model. I do not know about Cult or The Hunger Games because I have not seen them yet.


Looks awesome!!! :-D