Cult Promo: More Than a Show?

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Along with The Carrie Diaries, Cult will premiere in early 2013 in The CW.

And, simply put, it looks positively awesome.

The series is based on a show-within-a-show, as Matt Davis plays an investigative journalist who looks into the connection between his brother's death and this fictional program, Cult.

Jessica Lucas' Skye works on Cult, while Robert Knepper's Bilyl stars in Cult and you really need to see the latter in action. Watch the first extended Cult trailer now:

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Robert Knepper is the best


Why are all these mature shows heading to the CW when they should know very well they're not going to get ratings on that fail network. I hope this isn't going to suffer the same fate as Ringer


Now I got my attention caught! It seems like it will have some good twists and the cast is amazing! Matt Davis looked awesome at the presentation! :D


Alona Tal and Matt Davis are the best.

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