Elementary on CBS: First Full-Length Trailer

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It will soon be Elementary, dear CBS viewers.

The network has released an extended trailer for its modern day retelling of Sherlock Holmes this fall, a drama that will air at 10 p.m. on Thursdays and stars Jonny Lee Miller as the British detective who has moved to NYC and taken up the same kind of work in Manhattan that he performed in London.

Also starring Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson, the following sneak peek gives us a much closer look at the two main characters than the first Elementary trailer.

Why is Sherlock in New York? Why is Watson serving as his "sober companion?" What happens when a home possesses a safe room? Why doesn't Sherlock have any mirrors in his apartment? Watch now and decide if you'll give Elementary a chance when it premieres.

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i love Sherlock and i though i will hate that they are abusing the character again but this is fantastic, i have a feeling i am going to enjoy it a lot indeed. it looks fresh and bloody dynamic. a little psychotic but just enough to be fun and captivating!!!!


Well, you've done it again America.
Just another sad, pathetic rip-off of a great British series… If you want to watch a GREAT tv show about Sherlock Holmes then watch the BBC one, not this joke.
I mean come on!
Yeah, let’s have Watson be a hot female so there’s all this sexual tension between them, ‘cause that’s what it’s all about really… I so look forward to all the scenes when we’ll all get to marvel at Ms Liu’s fit body, because come on, that’s what Sherlock Holmes is all about, isn’t it?! Not the solving of crimes and the detective’s brilliant mind, ohh Nooo! Whoever did this is an effin’ moron. I haven’t been this angry in years, thanks a lot for ruining my day. :|


At least it's a different take on the stories from the British one. But that one is so amazingly awesome I don't see how this one can compare.


Lucy Liu looks very good in this trailer, but JLM somehow seems to have absolutely no charm or presence. And that is very sad, considering Sherlock is supposed to be the extraordinary one.


Awww. This preview wants me to watch it even more.

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