Fringe Spoilers: Another Trip to 2036?

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Will Fringe take us back to 2036? Will we see William Bell again? What about Seth Gabel as Lincoln Lee?

During a conference call with reporters yesterday, producers Joel Wyman and Jeff Pinkner touched on these topics and more, teasing both the upcoming finale and Fringe season five... without giving away too much, of course.

Will the series return to 2036? Most likely, said Pinker: “That future is important to our storytelling, but it’s the not the be all and end all.”

Be sure you are familiar with last Friday's "Letters of Transit." It holds the key to the thematic issues Wyman and Pinkner hope to tell to close out the drama.

Leonard Nimoy has to return as William Bell... right? “We basically erected a sign outside of Leonard’s house that says, ‘Please come back to Fringe,’ and we are hoping that by Season 5 he says yes," Pinker said.

Is the ultimate villain on the way? What, is David Robert Jones "not bad enough," the producers joked/asked.

Have we see the Alternates for the final time? Not necessarily, Pinkner teased: "If our team can somehow dispense with Jones, there is absolutely a possibility of that door being open again.”

Fringe airs its penultimate season four episode tomorrow night. Return to TV Fanatic soon after it concludes for our weekly review.

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They better, that was the best episode in years.


If they DON'T go to that exciting dark future, with the Bishop Tribe fighting the Observers, and instead just do a retread of the alts and Seth Gabel because they are afraid to change, then they will be wasting the 13-episode renewal. 2036 would totally re-energize the show, give it momentum and make it even more interesting; if we only get snippets of that, and repeat this season basically, why bother? (And what's up with Pinkman making John Noble a liar about the two endings?)


Yes please. I loved what they did in that episode and can't wait to know the fate of the resistance.

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