NBC Axes Awake, Best Friends Forever, Bent, Harry's Law and Are You There Chelsea?

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With renewal and pilot order pickups coming fast and furiously, NBC has now also delivered bad news to the fans of one second-year drama, three first-year sitcoms and a drama. The following programs have been canceled:

  • Are You There Chelsea?
  • Awake
  • Best Friends ForeverĀ 
  • Bent
  • Harry's Law
Awake Poster

Other failed NBC shows from the 2011-2012 schedule include: Free Agents, The Playboy Club, Prime Suspect and The Firm.

On the flip side, however, Parks and Recreation, Up All Night and Whitney were the latest network series to get the green light for another season, joining Community, 30 Rock, Smash and Law & Order SVU as returnees.

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I'm not surprised about Awake. It had a lot of potential but really - how far can you stretch viewer credulity about a man who exists in two apparent worlds, without explanation? It was starting to hint at a mental condition - possibly schizophrenia - but kept teasing us with clues that a normal person just would not see in real life without the benefit of that other world. I'm sad to see it go - it was a great series, and I enjoyed the characters. But not surprised.


I have only seen the first 4 eps of Awake but I was enjoying it. I was gonna blast them all out in quick succession, now though I don't know if I wanna bother.


No wonder NBC is the worst network out there. They wouldn't a great show if it hit them on the face. If only there was a bit of effort to promote Awake, it would have succeeded. Its a shame because it had great potential.


I LOVE Awake! I'm so tired of getting hook on a show and next thing I know its cancelled. Sometimes the network, doesn't give a show a change.


AWAKE cancelled...? Please tell me it ain't so! I love this show, convinced many friends to watch it, and they love it, too? We love BENT, too. What is NBC thinking? What goes into the decision to cancel a show?


I was enjoying Awake!


I'm so glad to hear that Community is coming back, as well as 30 Rock! I hope Parks & Rec returns too.


Aww... Awake was amazing! Maybe it would have fared better on a different network.


I loved Bent it was sooo funny well acted and great writing! They keep Whitney I can not stand her wth is wrong with this network?? Sooo mad!


damn, i really liked Awake!

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