POLL: Saddest Death of the Season

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WARNING: The following poll is inspired by a recent season finale death. It happened this week. It's threatening to shut down the Internet. Stop reading now if you wish to remain in the dark.

Grieving a Loss

With the 2012-2013 season nearly over, now is the perfect time to say goodbye to your favorite shows for the summer and, in many cases, to your favorite characters... forever.

Indeed, with Grey's Anatomy fans still in mourning over the shocking demise of Lexie Grey, we're here to pay tribute to various significant passings over the last few months. Which hit you the hardest? Which do you still have trouble talking about?

Which of these deaths is the saddest?


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Would show creator and show runner Dan Harmon of Community being let go by Sony Pictures Television count as the saddest 'death' of this past TV season? It does for me. This is the darkest time line! #sixseasonsandweloveyouDanHarmon


As much as I found Lexie's death to be unexpected, it didn't move me that much.... that scene was very poorly written and totally random, pretty much like the rest of the episode which was one of the worst finale EVER. It takes much more than killing off a major character to revitalize a show. So, I'll go with Sammy, which at least made me shed some tears... and Alaric, of course.


I was already to go for Lexie given that I'm still reeling from that one... but then I saw Mike there and I don't think I've ever cried in a tv episode more than the one with his funeral so I had to go for that one - but it was a tough call!


lexies death was the saddest...im sorry revenge, but sammy cannot compete with little grey.Alaric is right after lexie :'(


"Bobby Singer" on Supernatural...made me cry. Now the Winchester boys have no one to call "Dad".


Jimmy on Boardwalk Empire. Totally shocked me. The character was very messed up but he was a major part of why I liked the show.


I do not believe Ducky is dead. The saddest is Piney, how sad would it be to know you're about to be murdered by your best friend?


Alex a.k.a. Starburns (Community)


What?! No one bothered to put Sheriff Hunter from Once Upon a Time up? His death was by far the saddest because it took some eye candy off of our T.V. screens. His death ranks No. 1 with me, and Lexie's is No. 2.


Percy and Roan from Nikita. Was not expecting that at all.