The CW Renews Hart of Dixie, Cancels Ringer and The Secret Circle

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Renewals and cancellations are flying out of The CW this afternoon.

The network has renewed Nikita, Gossip Girl and, in its latest announcement, Hart of Dixie for new seasons. But the news is more disheartening for fans of Ringer and The Secret Circle:

Both those first-year dramas have been canceled.

Zoe & Lavon

Hart of Dixie airs its season finale on Monday. Check out photos of wet and possibly wild Wade and Zoe from it now!

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Sad TSC canceled i wanted 2see adam and cassie and jake and faye get together


CW really? how could they renew hart of dixe and cancel ringer and tsc? what r they thinking


I cannot believe what I am reading!! Love Hart of Dixie and am truly excited to see a second season, however cancelling The Secret Circle is absolutely rediculous! The season finale left a huge opportunity for an amazing 2nd season. I think you made a huge mistake for not giving this show a chance at success. Keeping shows like Nikita and Gossip Girl, which are long overdue to end, will cost you in the end. Wow Im so disappointed in this outcome!


Happy Nikita got renewed but very sad secret circle didn't. Secret circle was getting do good towards the end and I really wanted to know what was going to happen next.


Ugggghhh im soooo mad!! They keep 90210 but not The Secret Circle that's total BS!


THIS IS BLASPHEMY. TSC was getting reeeaalllyyyy GOOD towards the end. EFFF THIS SHIT TO HELL. How can they renew the TRAINWRECK named Gossip Girl and not give the up and coming Secret Circle a chance??? GG has dropped a million viewers on average for 2 seasons straight now, while Secret Circle had risen more than 20% for the final 2 episodes. It was really going strong in the second half of the season. How is that good reasoning????


can't believe they cancelled secret circle it has been so much better than gossip girl which i am kind of bored with now.


Seriously!!! I've never been more disappointed about a show. LOVE Secret Circle. Hart is unwatchable.


Whatt?? I really thought and hoped the secret circle wudve gotten renewed! Wtf the show really picked up steam the last few eps..wat a shame

Jess gannon

This is ridiculous!!!! Gossip Girl, 90210 and the Carrie Diaries how many tv shows like that do we need!!!! Answer not three of them!!!! I am really disappointed that the CW has cancelled the secret circle, and kept gossip girl, gossip girl's ratings slipped bellow one million and even long time fans are wanting it to end, as it does not have much story line potential anymore as they have just about run through everyone. Where as the Secret Circle finale was the set up for amazing story lines that would have made for a great second season. Even though gossip girl never once overtook the secret circle in ratings and 90210 was around the same the CW still decided to renew them; shows how much stock The CW executives put in ratings, very disappointed and I know many other secret circle fans will be too!!!!

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