TV Ratings Report: Season Finale Figures

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It was a busy night across the television dial Tuesday, with Lindsay Lohan on Glee, NCIS wrapping up another season and at least a dozen people tuning in for The L.A. Complex.

Read on for a full ratings rundown...

Lindsay Lohan on Glee

8 p.m.
NCIS: 18.7 million viewers
America's Got Talent: 10.4 million
Glee: 6 million
Cougar Town: 3.3 million/Cougar Town: 3.3 million
90210: 1.1 million

9 p.m.
NCIS: Los Angeles: 15.1 million
Glee: 6 million
Dancing with the Stars: 13 million
The L.A. Complex: 570,000

10 p.m.
Private Practice: 7 million
Fashion Star: 4.9 million

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Demo rating is what counts! Ask anyone. There's a reason why TVD, Supernatural and 90210 got early renewals.


@Sa'ad702 hahaha! TSC is still cancel. Whatever, you'll get over it eventually! You're talking about overall viewers. Overall viewers really don't matter what matters it's the demo rating. 90210 score better than TSC for the most part and stayed steady.


And I won't GETT over it. No wonder you like 90210. Sub par writing and syntax.


Please! 90210 never went above 1.5 million ever!!!!

Edmond dantes

Even though this Glee had a good finale, it was derivative of it's previous season storyline. Its evident from the ratings that it's tanking from losing viewers this season. On a plus note, both NCIS's are crowd and family pleasers for a combination of action and drama. Oh Well, Que Sera Sera


The ratings for both 90210 and Private Practice seem pretty average to me. I'm happy for them.


Nikita, Ringer, Gossip Girl, and HOD did worst then TSC! 90210 deserved it's renewal it was at the top with TVD and Supernatural.


@Sa'ad702 gett over it! TSC has been cancel! It's dead and put to rest! Move on, 90210 it in it fourth season and had better ratings then TSC in the spring! TSC only improved in the finale. Don't blame 90210! Other show did worst the TSC but 90210 wasn't one of them!


What I don't effing understand is they renewed that piece of trash aka 90210 but they won't renew The Secret Circle! TSC never had such bad ratings, awful acting, disgusting writing and direction. Mark Pedowitz is a punk who needs to be removed just like that idiot Dawn Ostroff and give the reigns to the lady who made USA such a hit again. Seriously! What about the LA Complex? It barely registers on the Nielsen scale!!! They should never have made that show!!!