Emily Owens, M.D.: Extended Preview

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Emily Owens is going back to high school this fall on The CW.

Not by choice, mind you. This doctor, played by the lovable Mamie Gummer, has graduated from medical school when we first meet her and is excited to be done with the cliques and the nicknames and the awkward world of dating.

Except, as teased in the first extended preview for the upcoming series, Emily quickly learns that hospital life is also full of cliques... and nicknames... and a very awkward world of dating. Fortunately, it's also full of a doctor who looks like Justin Hartley.

Emily Owens, M.D. airs on Tuesday night at 9, starting in October.

The CW also released an extended Arrow trailer yesterday. It's rather awesome.

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Owens was disrespectful and out of line.I'm coesufnd Punditry. Should Owens have looked into that ABC camera and just lied to the American people and his laid off employees just to not embarrass Obama? If he's not going to hire them back stimulus, or no stimulus, there was no other way to answer that question unless he was willing to lie about it. It was a no win for Owens, and Obama should have never made that claim if he wan't sure it was true.


I'm interested to watch this. No matter how many medical shows are out there it's always interesting to see someone's life is saved.


oh, another tv show about the "caring" doctor who talks to herself (Scrubs anyone?). I will still be watching, I am a sucker for medical shows. If only to be proven that after decades of medical tv shows nobody has found out that you don't defibrillate a flatlined patient. I like the leads.


I don't know why everyone keeps comparing it to Grey's Anatomy. Grey's was never overtly comedic! It always leaned towards the serious side. Emily Owens M.D. is much more like Scrubs (from what I can tell), but with just a touch of Felicity.


Looks cute. Don't know if it will be that special though.


Nice, and it'll go well with the Hart of Dixie crowd. I give it a C+. I doubt I'll watch it, but I could surprise myself.


hysterical how you all are judging the entire show from a 2min preview.


I like the chemistry in this show. But they need to step it up a bit! It has solid potential. and it's nothing like GA it goes it's own way!


Grey's Anatomy for CW ? Horrible, just horrible !!!

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