Fringe Confirms Final Comic-Con Panel, Books Hall H

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Fringe will make its final Comic-Con appearance a very big one next month, as 20th Century Fox has confirmed this sci-fi favorite will conduct its panel in the grandest hall of them all: Hall H, which holds approximately 6,500 attendees.

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Along with the show's executive producers, stars Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, Lance Reddick, Blair Brown, Jasika Nicole and John Noble will all be on hand to answer fan questions, preview Fringe Season 5 and treat Comic-Conners to an exclusive video presentation.

Earlier today, Fox also confirmed that Glee has been added to the annual San Diego event. It will hold its Q&A discussion on Saturday, July 14.

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I don't recognise the show that either of you seem to have watched. The show I watched gave time to the three leads equally in all four seasons. There were plenty of plot lines about Oliva, Walter AND Peter in there. I could have used some more time for Broyles and Astrid, personally, but you can't have everything.


This is an ensemble cast - it was already about Olivia for a couple seasons. Personally I find Walter to be a more interesting character than Olivia. Really the whole cast has done a great job. Seems to me it should be a story involving all of them not just Olivia.


2 things: -hopefully for once it will not be about Noble and Jackson again. -if Pinkner/Wyman want me and other Olivia fans) to watch season 5 I want to be certain that the final season will be about Olivia Dunham, her backstory, her past, her dealing with being used by Walter.
Anna Torv front and central. We know they only want to write for Walter formost, and Peter second, but putting Walter central active in the Olivia storyline about ability/cortexiphan, that was totally overdoing it.

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