Fringe Season 5: Premiere Title, Time Jump Revealed

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With Fringe fans still dealing with the very surprising exit of Jeff Pinker as executive producer, we have fresh intel on the upcoming final season of this Fox drama.

The September 28 premiere will be titled Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11, a tidbit revealed by showrunner J.H. Wyman yesterday when he Tweeted a photo of that script's cover sheet.

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Also on Twitter, meanwhile, star Joshua Jackson confirmed a major time jump ahead, something most fans presumed based on Peter and Walter having been trapped in amber for a couple decades.

"Do you think they'll have peacoats in 2036?" the actor asked.

John Noble echoed this sentiment in a chat with TV Line, saying at this weekend's Critics' Choice Television Awards that "found footage" might be used to refer viewers back to the previous universe/time line.

“Walter, Olivia, Astrid and Peter are insurgents, so we know all the dirty tricks that have been played against us," Noble teased of the 2036 world. "We’ll be learning from the past.”

Indeed, Olivia will be present in this return to the future, while Noble also said fans will once again see her and Peter's adult daughter, Etta.

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c926Awesome episode. This is an exnlelect show. I wish I jumped on board sooner. I've got a lot to say so I'll keep it brief.I did like that they resolved my biggest complaint about the S2 finale, which was that it made the other world feel like a bad and evil place as opposed to another world fighting for it's own survival. Introducing the Taxi Driver for the episode, having Charlie and Lincoln go to help who they think is thier friend. Those little things added up. It still hasn't rid the vibe that they are the villains but they'll get there if they keep adding those human touches. But what I really love. It's answered things, it's set up things but they've made it very clear that there's no resolution yet. This story is still going and there will be a few twists and turns on the way. The most immediate comparison I want to make is probably with Smallville which not as strong in some aspects but it does do over arching stories with the moster of the week idea. And as much as I groan and moan about it I do think it does build up rather well. Resolution is where that fails.But that isn't happening with Fringe right now. The S2 cliffhanger. Olivia stuck there.The start of this episode, some time has passed. Olivia is stuck there.The end of this episode. Olivia has been brainwashed and is still stuck there.And it won't be a stretch to think in a few episodes time. Olivia will still be stuck there. It's actually refreshing that there's no Deus Ex Machina resolve this soon. Anna Torv was fantastic in this episode. In a single episode she has made me feel sad and hopeless for Olivia, panic when she was brain washed and rage when Bolivia just appeared on screen. That's brilliant stuff. Yeah I also hope that they don't do a long set up on Bolivia. But I kind of hope they don't do the predictable and cliched thing and have Walter realise that Bolivia isn't their Olivia only for no one else to believe him for some time. The one thing I've heard that Joshua Jackson said he'd like to happen. He'd like for Peter to choose Bolivia only to realise that he chose wrong. I like that idea a lot.105

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