Unforgettable Season 2 Announced By CBS; Set For Summer 2013

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CBS has decided Poppy Montgomery isn't quite forgettable after all.

Having previously cancelled Unforgettable, or at least declined to renew it as part of its fall lineup, the network officially announced that it is bringing back the show for a 13-episode sophomore run after all.

Unforgettable Season 2 will air next summer, however.

The show averaged 11 million total viewers in Season 1, which aired following NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles on Tuesday nights, yet wasn’t among the 19 shows renewed by CBS for the 2012-13 TV season.

Are you happy it's coming back for a sophomore run?

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Once I got over staring at Poppy's trout pout, I thoroughly enjoyed this series and am glad it's coming back. They did end it on a sweet note, though, so I would have been somewhat content had they not renewed it.


about time they realised their mistake.....cracking show that is well watched in the UK.


Fantastic, a season two is on its way! But it's a long wait :(


I would say it’s a smart move on CBS’s part to bring back Unforgettable. I just started watching this over a month ago and I’ve loved watching Poppy Montgomery. I’ve enjoyed the several episodes now without the annoying commercials. The new Auto Hop feature lets you decide whether you want to view commercials or skip them. I was excited to hear about this great feature from my coworker at Dish, and I now I can enjoy more TV. If you want to watch any commercials you can always skip back and watch them, even if the Auto Hop is enabled. This allows me to save money on batteries for the remote, since I won’t have to fast forward button.


I'm so glad they reconsidered and decided to bring it back I was real sad when they cancelled it now I'm so happy I can't wait till it comes on again. I didn't always get to watch it when it was on but i watched the last few episode when they where on and as many as I could but the others I just watched online. Can't wait for season 2 season 1 was amazing so season 2 should deffinetely be much better.

Sue ann

Yes, I am glad they have reconsidered. I did not see the show too often, but when I did, I was impressed with the writing.


It was a stupid decision to cancel a show avereging 11 million viewers in the first place. Glad they realised their mistake. It's a shame we will have to wait a year for it though.