Comic-Con Coverage: Where Will TV Fanatic Be?

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Let me quickly answer the question posed in the headline above: Everywhere.

Our bags are packed, our brains are already fried and our video camera batteries are charged.

Yes, readers, multiple TV Fanatic staff writers are about to descend on San Diego for Comic-Con 2012, an event that promises to deliver never-ending scoops and spoilers related to your favorite TV shows.

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We'll be on the red carpet of the Breaking Bad Season 5 premiere screening.

We'll be chatting with Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev and many other Vampire Diaries cast members.

We'll be previewing new shows such as Cult, 666 Park Avenue and The Following along with the stars of those upcoming dramas.

We'll be trying to keep a straight face while seated across from Joel McHale.

Got a question you want asked of... pretty much any actor or actresss? Leave it in the Comments section below. Want to keep up to date on all the Comic-Con happenings? Follow @TVFanatic and @MattRichenthal on Twitter.

Strap in, set us as a bookmark and prepare to hit refresh often, TV Fanatics. It's gonna be a wild week.


To Julie Plec/Kevin Williamson: Will the Originals continue to be a part of TVD next season (i.e. will there be flashbacks revealing more of their past, and will Kol become more developed?). Thanks!


How I Met Your Mother - Are we ever going to meet the mother?!? It's been seven freaking awesome years, but still, 7 YEARS!! BONES - Is Pelant going to be more crazier/dangerous than how he was in the last season?/ What happened to the episode where all the interns were going to get together to solve a big crime? TVD - same Q as cyera. Will we see KAtherine in this season!?! Also, is there something exciting for Bonnie, Matt, and Elena's brother (whose name I've forgotten because his character is so boring). PSYCH - What's going to happen in the 100th episode? Will Shawn propose to Juliet in this season? Will Gus FINALLY meet his life partner in this season? Will Desperaux make an appearance in this season? (if not, please let him!!)


what will happen now that elena might remember meeting damon first

Sue ann

Who is going to cover the Firefly reunion?