Elementary Stars Speaks on New CBS Drama

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This fall on CBS we'll see yet another take on the classic and not-so-friendly super sleuth Sherlock Holmes.

Starring Johnny Lee Miller as the mythical detective and Lucy Liu in a rousing twist on the character of Dr. Watson, we got a chance to sit down with the Elementary stars at Comic-Con.

Among fun facts revealed during the interview:

  • Miller was hugely attracted to Sherlock battling drug addiction.
  • The addiction story brings darkness that you don't often see on television and Watson is hiding behind Sherlock's addiction for her own purposes.
  • Audiences like to identify with people who are struggling.
  • Liu loves the idea of relapse and the characters getting back up.
  • Miller is thankful he's only playing the highly intelligent Sherlock and not writing it!
  • Miller describes his experience playing both Frankenstein and the Doctor against another¬†well-known Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch.

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That's THE Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch. No doubt the show will be done well, but someone tell Lucy that she and the show are not pushing the envelope and going outside the box and in the case of her being the first female Watson - she is not, there have been 2 others over the years.
Sherlock can be battling drug addiction, but in the actual books there is very little about it.
Benedict is a friend and he seems to be very supportive of friends and he knows there have been Sherlocks before and will be after. But Benedict is with a show that has as its show-runners people who truely understand and love with a passion the Sherlock Holmes stories.
CBS wanted to re-do the Sherlock series for the U.S., they said..no..(and i say, are you kidding) but they went ahead with this of which they have a right too but feel many will think they are really doing something new and thinking tht Sherlock Holmes actually would say he's sometimes sorry when he's right.

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