Sons of Anarchy Teasers: Season 5 Footage, Character Previews

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FX is really helping fans gear up for Sons of Anarchy Season 5.

The network has released a number of promotional videos for the September 11 premiere, the most recent focusing on new characters portrayed by recurring guest stars Jimmy Smits and Harold Perrineau.

But let's take a few moments and catch back up with the show's main players, shall we? How will Jax Teller respond to his position as SAMCO President? This trailer gives us an idea:

Tara, meanwhile, is now the First Lady. And it looks like she'll be wielding that power against the woman who taught her nearly everything about life inside the clubhouse:

Finally, what will Gemma be up to on Season 5? Katey Sagal told me at Comic-Con that her character will be lonely and often drunk, but she'll clearly take some comfort in Smits' Nero, as teased here:

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I agree with all who say Tara needs to go away she's never gonna fill Queen Gemma's role or be a believeable badass. In the long run I hope Kurt lets Gemma take control and beat Tara at her own cruel, sick little ways. Gemma is the True Queen of SOA and hopefully will be until the end of the series.


Tara really needs to leave. I actually can't stomach her being 'Queen'. I started to really like her around mid season 2 and season 3. She just...really needs to leave now.


God, already hating Tara this season. I never thought I'd say this, but I actually prefer season 1 Tara to whatever she's trying to be now. If she's making threats towards anyone it should be Clay. No matter what happens, Gemma is always going to be the proper badass Queen. I really don't see this version of Tara as believable to be honest, it's like they completely changed her personality. It's a shame. When Gemma and Tara had their mother/daughter thing going on they were unstoppable.


I don't care. I'm team Gemma from now on.


I like Tara and I feel Jax will be a good president for the club but I hate this whole causing conflict between Gemma and Tara. I feel it's a bit been there done that. Wendy is returning for Abel and Gemma and Tara need to team up against her. The way this is going I wouldn't be surprised if Gemma ended up helping Wendy get Abel back. I hope that doesn't happen btw.


Yeah, right. Circumstances. Like Tara needs a reason to show Gemma who's the queen now. Jesus.


May be you should wait til the season airs to see what circumstances got Tara to cut Gemma off from her grand kids.


Jesus Christ, Tara. I never thought I'd say this, but poor Gemma. Well, at least we will finally see Tara's real face. And this new queen ain't badass, or awesome, she's just plain cruel and empty.

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