Susan Flannery to Exit The Bold and the Beautiful

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We don't often cover soap opera news at TV Fanatic. Unless it's really big soap opera news - and the following qualifies:

Susan Flannery, who has helped anchor The Bold and the Beautiful since its 1987 premiere, is leaving the daytime drama.

A source tells Soaps in Depth that the veteran actress has given producers notice and signed a short-term contract in order to give writers a chance to properly write her character of Stephanie Forrester out.

S. Flannery

Flannery's announcement arrives a week after another original star, Ronn Moss, also confirmed his impending departure.

These exits leave John McCook and Katherine Kelly Lang as the only remaining original cast members on The Bold and the Beautiful and while McCook's future status is uncertain, Lang has inked a new two-year deal with the program.

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I hate the story line about Brook sleeping with her sister husband and then the brothers wanting the other brother wife. How sick are you writers to come up with trash like this. Your saying it's ok for sisters or brothers to sleep with each other husbands or wives. That's just plain sick. You people need Jesus Christ this is a sick world. Always about sex and killing, drugs etc. Shame on you.


The script writer should wake up now. Can't she see the ratings since she brought Wyatt into the picture and the excitement he stirred in all the fans including me. Hope was so boring I almost went to sleep watching the same old love sick girl daily. Keep the excitement going with Wyatt and Hope and bring Steffy back to Liam because together they spice it up. Steffy appeared for a short time today but we need her back for good.


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I hope Liam goes back to Steffy I really cried when she gave back Liam his ring OMG it was sad I really don't like Liam to be with Hope they are fake the real relationship is when he is with Steffy pliz make run back to Steffy I know he still loves her deeply


OMG! why is Hope trying to be like Steffy? whisking Liam away on a trip, that is Steffy style not Hope. Or should I say wanna be Steffy. I hope this blows up in Brook and Hope faces soon. Writers let Liam run after Steffy and stay with her not Hope. On a much brighter note it is very nice to see Rick and Maya as a couple.


That is so true. I would like to see that too.


I am so tired of watching Hope pushing her self to Liam. I hope they will not get back together. I hope Liam tells Hope that he does not feel that way for her any more. Liam should go after Steffy and win her back. I vote for Liam and Steffy together. No Hope for the future here. Hope is a weak example for any young woman. Hope should realize not that she is a back up plan. Katie should let Liam know the truth and send him back to Steffy. Props up for Rick and Maya. And when is Thorn coming back in the show?


Liam is like a bouncing ball between Steffy and Hope. It's like he dose not have any control over his own life. But I rather Liam with Steffy. It is so wired how Hope just sits and wait for Liam. Show how desperate she is, not really an example for young women. I thought Hope's role would have been a positive woman with standards not home wrecker and constantly waiting around for a man. Show she is exactly like her mother.


I hope Steffy isn't leaving the show. She really put spunk into this show. And I think Hope should leave the show not Steffy. Liam should stay with Steffy, they really make acting together seems real, Liam's character with Hope is too fake is like they try so hard to pull that off. Maya should tell Rick every thing about Bill. I thimk it is time for Bill behind bars.


The truth needs to come out and hit Bill in the face, he has gotten away with way too much now and so is Caroline, the video that the guy in the porn studio took of her needs to be shown to Rick. And Hope needs to get a life. hang up all the time on a married man. That is no hope for the future, that is called Hope in the past. Liam and Steffy need to work true this issue and stay together. Enjoy watching Eric standing up to Brook, his role shows what a real man should have done.