Susan Flannery to Exit The Bold and the Beautiful

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We don't often cover soap opera news at TV Fanatic. Unless it's really big soap opera news - and the following qualifies:

Susan Flannery, who has helped anchor The Bold and the Beautiful since its 1987 premiere, is leaving the daytime drama.

A source tells Soaps in Depth that the veteran actress has given producers notice and signed a short-term contract in order to give writers a chance to properly write her character of Stephanie Forrester out.

S. Flannery

Flannery's announcement arrives a week after another original star, Ronn Moss, also confirmed his impending departure.

These exits leave John McCook and Katherine Kelly Lang as the only remaining original cast members on The Bold and the Beautiful and while McCook's future status is uncertain, Lang has inked a new two-year deal with the program.

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I can't stand Steffy. I want her to go away..She is selfish and a brat..Let her have a go at Bill again. As for Brook, go to Paris and find Ridge..a new one and let him be your baby daddy..Bill needs to get caught in his scemes with Maya and let Rick learn the truth.


You got to be kidding me! really writers? Steffy can't have any more children but an old woman like Brook can? This is a show that favor's the Logan women. they are really putting all stops out when it comes to Steffy and Liam together. I think this show needs to favor Steffy, Taylor and Thomas for once. And you guys really need to bring back Thorn. I think it's time you stop putting Hope in control of Liam's life. That is getting really boring at this point. And maybe it is time for Kathy to take her leave on this show. She really don't make a point.


A round of applause for your article.Much thanks again. Fantastic.


I would like to see more of Thorn on this show. Why is it Brook's children always keep getting ahead in the company? I think they need to bring in Thorn as a major role in the company and the show. And stop this non-sense with Hope and Liam, so boring to hear Hope repeat the same thing about her and Liam was cheated out their chance of love. Give me a break. Liam and Steffy play a much better couple and I hope they stay together longer on the show. Also Taylor and Eric should stay together too. Give this show something new to focus on. Not only the Logan women, keep winning all the men all the time, that is so old now. And come on! when dose Brook ever think of anyone else but her self? worried about kathy's heart after having her husband.


Is the writers for real? Hope is not a good girl, she speaks from both sides of her mouth. One time she is concerned about Steffy and then she is begging Liam to come back to her. Really! Hope's character has no class at all, she is sitting and waiting around for a married man? No classy woman does that. So please stop making her out be a good girl in the show. Write her off or with someone else. We need to see more of Liam and Steffy together. Liam needs to tell Hope to get a life. GEESSS! Hope make women look stupid and desperate. And I agree with the other writers, get this love triangle over with. Team Steffy.


What is the writers thinking putting Brook in charged of Eric's life. At least Eric has a voice maybe Liam can learn from Eric how to speck up for him self when it come to boring Hope. Maya should step up to bad boy Bill and follow her heart with Rick. Isn't it time Bill goes to the lock up for all the stuff he pulled.


This show should be called The bold and the Logans. Brook demands when she wants a man and so is Hope. Hope throws Liam away when she is having a bad day and then when she is lonely she demands Liam to be with her. Hope really get under my skin, I wish the writers will just write her off or put her with someone else. I really enjoy watching Liam with Steffy, Liam and Steffy make me either laugh or cry when they act together but Liam and Hope make me wanna vomite. REALLY.


That is so true. Hope should stop talking about get back watch her and Liam had, give me a break! she is such a sicko in the head. Liam needs to talk up for himself, he allows Hope to talk all the time. I am so tired of listening to her. Writers please send Hope away on a long trip and let Liam and Steffy stay together and let Brook be caught with her pants down. Eric should not be sucked in to this. He should keep the self respect in this show. And Bill should be caught and punished for all the bad he is doing. And Hope should let her true colors out stop pretending to be good. Good girls don't sleep with married men. Atleast Steffy owned it. she is a great actress for this show and her movies. Rick needs to be with Maya. Why is the men on this show so scared of the women??liam get some balls.


Brook gave a new meaning to keeping it in the


I have watched this show for so very long that I am tired of seeing the same old story over and over again. Hope can't seem to find another man in her boring life. Both Hope and Brook are breaking up two relationships at the same time. OMG Brook is such and insult to women and so is Hope, like have some respect, hold your head high for once. Hope is so fake,being trying to show she is goody too shoe. And she still kissing a married man when his baby died. I would like Liam and Steffy make another baby and stay together . Liam needs to drop Hope she is too BORING... and home wrecking Brook should get a life. If she cared for her sister, don't sleep with her husband then. Brook gave a new me