Susan Flannery to Exit The Bold and the Beautiful

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We don't often cover soap opera news at TV Fanatic. Unless it's really big soap opera news - and the following qualifies:

Susan Flannery, who has helped anchor The Bold and the Beautiful since its 1987 premiere, is leaving the daytime drama.

A source tells Soaps in Depth that the veteran actress has given producers notice and signed a short-term contract in order to give writers a chance to properly write her character of Stephanie Forrester out.

S. Flannery

Flannery's announcement arrives a week after another original star, Ronn Moss, also confirmed his impending departure.

These exits leave John McCook and Katherine Kelly Lang as the only remaining original cast members on The Bold and the Beautiful and while McCook's future status is uncertain, Lang has inked a new two-year deal with the program.

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I don't like Hope in the picture . Is time Hope accept is over between her and Liam.. Just leave Liam and Steffy happily married.
Also bring Ridge back for Taylor and Ridge will see he chose the wrong woman to be his wife, now that Brooke is with Bill's child. Times I don't like to watch when Hope still pines for Liam.


Please leave Steffy @Liam together i Dont like watching Hope W/him she is such a baby,you need to create someone else for her,i get tired of the Brooke Ridge and Taylor thing u need to break that cycle.Steffy and Liam are exciting and i love them together,Also bring Ridge back i hate seeing Brooke break up all those familys Ridge kept her in line.I also hope Bill gets whats coming to him.


Ihave just stomached Eric and Taylor together. What a mistake!!He has to be kidding!Taylor is the last person he needs to be with.She is about as luring and sexy as a dead leaf. Why the writers have put them together is beyond reason.She iis more of an aggravation than a Lover ha ha .With her PUFFY lipsand Maney hair, she is just not the right pick for him. Ihave watched this show for years and that is one wrong move. Listen to your viewers they know!!!


Please don't allow hope to say to Steffy that the only reason Liam is with her is because of the baby. Please allow Liam to address the fact that Hope did not trust what he was telling her and she did not believe in him when she was with him and that was the character flaw that caused her to loose him. Steffy has been strong and Liam needs to be equally as strong and give back to Steffy the respect she's given him. Please don't allow Liam to go back and forth as Ridge did. Let them all move forward with exciting new story lines. If your writers are out of ideas, I HAVE PLENTY!!!!!!! Love B&B,


I'm not going to watch the show any more. It has become so boringI'tired of the 3 them all 3 of them are boring can't take it anymore. you need to give all 3 of my new partner maybe won't be so boringw


I am happy that stephanie is pregnant with Liam's kid when he finds out him and steffy will be together forever you please bring Ridge back with brooke he has a lot of fans when we're all waiting for the day he we appears we love you Ridge :-) :-) is Steffy and Liam were rooting for you toooo :-) :-)


Cant believe B&B is changing so much.. Will not b the same.. Time for new blood to hit the show don't we think?


I am really sick not if watching this show. The same story over and over. Hope is the new Steffy, I don't see her as any proper example to young girls. She blames everyone else for her down falls, but no one forced her to sleep with Liam! oh ya her mom did. Why is Hope pretending to be so good she is no virgin any more.Plus she is fighting for a man, a proper young women should not have to do that. Hope is a lose cause for this show. Do not put her back with Liam, they are boring as a couple. Life is not perfect so hope should stop acting as if she is. Steffy is beautiful and natural, and her relationship with Liam is very exciting.


sorry to see stephanie go from the show will never be the same, i am not watching.


I was shocked when i realized that stephanie(susan) was really leavin the show! I've been watchin the B&B since it aired, & it blowed me away that she was leavin! They say all good things must come to an end....she will be greatly missed! As for Ridge, I hope that he will return at the exact time that brooke decides 2 marry sum1 else! As for the liam, steffy, & hope triangle...give me a break...y is i dat brooke family always prevail, & taylor & her family r always the underdogs! Can we c the reverse 4 once!!! Hope is sooooo boring, &Liam's life w/ steffy is so much more exciting 2 watch!!! I hate Rick he is so arrogant...cant wait 4 him to fall off of is throne! Last, will we EVER c taylor truly happily n love again w/sum1other than ridge or thorne? How about really piss brooke off as we watch taylor run Forrester creations! Jus kidding! Love da show but the storyline needs 2 b more heart stoppin if u plan 2 win more daytime emmy's!